Mystical Strings | For the music of love and the love of music

with Rev. Dr. Crystal L. Grimes, Msc.D.

Creative Arts Minister

Instrument of Peace

Your Music Within

Within you is music

that belongs to you and only you!

Finding that music,

singing your special song,

means fulfilling your Divine purpose!

You don’t need to literally sing

or play an instrument.

You are the voice,

you are the instrument,

and your life is the music!

Supporting your Harmony

Through spiritually based inspirational music, poetry, articles, written prayers, and one-on-one Metaphysical treatment services, I offer support as you seek the kingdom of heaven that is already within you (Luke 17:21).

This is a journey of consciousness, awareness, and focus: focusing on the Truth that frees (John 8:32), rather than the bondage we accept as the only reality.

You can make this journey by yourself, by the Power of God in you! All that you need, is already yours through that Power. The support of others is optional, but can be a welcome encouragement to keep in touch with your true nature.

For more information on personalized musical programs, consultations, and ministerial services, please contact me.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!

20 thoughts on “Home

  1. I agree with Victoria. Once I was a semi professional singer…concerts here in Atlanta. I did a lot of Strauss, Handel, Mozart, Brahms…but what was missing was my ability to acknowledge that this wasn’t just an outer expression of my spirituality (of which I had not been in touch with) but within the very core of my creativity that led to my spirituality. We concentrate so much as musicians on the perfection of the page, the text, the vocals, but we leave out I think the most important part: our Divine expression and connection.
    I was turned off early by some violent fundamentalists (so-called Christians) in my birth family….and I spent the next 50 years running from all religion because of this. Had I realized that they were not Christians, but religious terrorists, I would have found my relationship with the Divine earlier. So it goes in life, and now I have little voice left, but I have turned the page on a lot of stuff from before.
    But the fundamentalists are still violent. I don’t have to have any contact and that has been my freedom.


  2. Great post! I really like this…

    “You don’t need to literally sing
    or play an instrument.
    You are the voice,
    you are the instrument,
    and your life is the music!” – very motivational

    Will be back to

    -Renee Verona


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