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Mother Nature Sings

Released 10/2015

Celebrating Nature and Goddess as the divine feminine. Not just for women, but women especially enjoy these.

This is an acoustic solo album with ukulele, voice, and some nature sounds. “Wishing Well” also has recorder. 🙂 Musical styles include meditative/New Age, folk, Hawaiian, bluegrass, jazz, spoken-word poetry, and more.

Track listing

1. Instrument of Peace

2. Wishing Well
with recorder

3. Live like a Leaf

4. Song of the Sea

5. Cricket
with natural cricket chirp

6. Woman

7. Really Been Loved
(Also published in Seasons of the Moon Volume 13 Issue 2 Imbolc 2016, downloadable on SoundCloud above)

8. Phoenix Rising

9. Thank You, Mother Earth

10. Peace, Be Still
with natural ocean tide

11. Wings of Autumn
(Also published in Seasons of the Moon Volume 13 Issue 1 Samhain 2015, downloadable on SoundCloud above)

12. One in You
(Downloadable on SoundCloud)

13. Singing Sweet

How to Order

Available as mp3 download only. Pay $7 securely through PayPal, and a download link will be emailed within 24 hours of cleared payment. I will send the link to your PayPal email address, unless you
contact me
to specify another email.

Click here to go to PayPal.

And so it Is! Vol. 1

Released 10/2012

Songs inspired by New Thought, Law of Attraction ideas and practices.

Ukulele and voice, with recorder and hand percussion. Musical styles include Celtic, folk, spoken-word poetry, New Age, and ethnic/world.

Track listing

The following linked tracks are posts, including sample live performances of songs on the album.

1. Allow – The Blessing Song

2. Remember

3. Imagine

4. Power of Creation

5. The Journey

6. I am Love

7. Money Tree

8. The Good Place

9. Feel Prosperity

10. Gratitude

11. Light

How to Order

Visit the great folks at CD Baby to get the physical CD or digital Mp3 album:

Crystal L. Howe: And so It Is, Vol. 1

Also click for lyrics, instrumentation, and full album notes.

PSST! And CD Baby has previews of all tracks, not just those linked here. 🙂

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