Work by The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

This page lists works by The Blind Poet, Freddy G., in the order in which they appear on Mystical Strings. It is my honor and blessing to share these, with his kind permission. All rights to any stories, poems, or other work linked here belong to the author, Frederick Douglass Grimes, III.

Love and Peace: How Long Does It Take?

Long-distance Love: A Gift from the Heavens

Eyes to Heaven: A Blind Man’s Prayer

Smiles: What the World Needs More Of

Poems and Poetry: A Blind Man’s Thoughts

An Angel Named Crystal

Mother’s Day Thoughts and Blessings

The Sounds and Smells of Spring

The Easter Season: A Time for Reflection

Springtime Angel

Love is Blind

An Angel and a Sailor: A True Love Story

The Colors of Love: Springtime Thoughts

To See or not to See

Seasons for the Spirit: The Spice of Life

The Truth About Faces

A Mother’s Day Tribute

Glass Houses

Blind and Blessed

From the Inside Looking Out: A Blind Journey

Music is Poetry

The Magic of Music: One Universal Melody

Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Save the Planet!

A Veteran’s Poem

The Season of Giving