Eternal Wings

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. How this world works seems pretty crazy.
And looking out the view is kinda hazy.
We see a puzzle piece,
But the picture is complete.
With grace in place it’s nothing but amazing!

2. We take some knocks and do a lot of learning.
We make mistakes and watch the bridges burning.
We pull our lives apart,
But there’s wholeness in our hearts.
Forget regret and ride the tide that’s turning!

3. We breathe it in and realize we are growing,
The gentle voice inside us always knowing.
And every time we fall,
There’s an answer to our call.
We manifest the best when we keep going!
Refrain: (Twice)

One Spirit works in everything
To lift us up in love, and soar above the scene
On great eternal wings.
We have eternal wings!

Exercise Our Right to Try Again

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If you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions yet, this song is not for you. But listen anyway, because you’ve probably broken one before. It’s time to put this phenomenon in its proper place, so we can move on and live well!

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. So we made our resolutions
To start a revolution,
But they must be delusions
‘Cause we feiled ’em, every one.
The time and money saving,
The work to quit the craving,
But what’s the use of raving
When a new day has begun!

2. May we never stop resolving,
Connecting and involving,
Progressing and evolving
Til we make it, every one.
And give our hearts in caring,
Extend our hands in sharing,
And let our minds be daring
For a better way has come!
Refrain: (Twice)

Let us exercise our right to try again!

And we can exercise our right to try again,
start anew and simply do the best we can!
And if we fail and try and fail again,
We just engage the backup plan
And exercise our right to try again.
We exercise our right to try again!


We always reach for the next big thing.
A place to belong and some meaning to bring.
A cause to campaign for, a light on the scene.
Contentment is something to get, not to be.
We reach for the brass ring, while dawn breaks–unseen!

My response to Björn’s Quadrille prompt using the word “dawn.” Come join us, read, and comment at

Wild Wind

Wind howls through my mind,
tearing a treacherous path,
driving, destroying, demolishing…
The calm, cultivated landscape
erodes before me.
What can this mean?
What’s next?
A breeze speaks whisperingly
of a land too close to see.
And through the howling wind,
I go.

Quadrille, 44 words excluding title, containing some form of “whisper.” This one also goes for De’s challenge of “whisperingly.” Try your own and enjoy others at

To Be Fit

To center myself through the day,
I let all the world fall away…
My whole consciousness
curls into itself,
disarming the furious fray.

Amazing well-being I find,
curls out of the Infinite Mind.
With sweetest success,
abundantly blessed,
from chaos to vision so kind!

stanzas here, this time in response to the first Quadrille of 2017. Björn’s prompt is “curl.” Try one of your own, and read responses over at

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

In the morning sun,
Golden threads are spun.
Shards of rainbows greet the day;
Sparkling dewdrops smile
For a precious while.
Gather nectar while you may!

Soon the day is run,
Noon is halfway done.
Taught to work and not to play,
Lest you act the child,
Cramping proper style;
Yet – no virtue in dismay!

Evening fast begun
Over everyone.
Keep the restless thoughts at bay,
Strongly face the trial,
Step-by-stepping mile;
Simple path, enlightened way!

Gayle hosts today’s Meeting the Bar, where we write an alouette. It’s a fun, interesting form, so please join us at

Power of a Song

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Ever wonder why you hum?
It’s to keep from feeling glum!
You sit a while and find a smile
To meet whatever comes.
When the music starts to play,
You open to the day,
Shed worry in a hurry,
Knowing everything’s OK.

“But it’s only music!” folks reply
When I say it’s love and light.
Just let it touch you when you’re down
Or help you right a wrong,
And you’ll know the power of a song;
You’ll know the power of a song.

2. When it sounds a little sad,
Music gathers up the bad.
It matches you and catches you,
And lifts you till you’re glad.
If your heart is feeling cold,
That song’s worth more than gold.
It warms you up and fills your cup
With comfort for the soul.

3. If you don’t know who you are,
There’s a song that does, by far.
Let it shake you up and wake you up
And lead you to the stars.
‘Cause that brilliant spark and shine
Is the One and All-divine
Who rings in you and sings in you
A special song of life!

“‘Cause it’s not just music!” I reply,
And I say it’s love and light.
Just let it touch you when you’re down
Or help you right a wrong,
And you’ll know the power of a song;
You have the power of a song!

Even Christ

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Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Even Christ was a child once!
So how can you be anything else?
Even Christ was a child once!
So be gentle with yourself.
Yeah, be gentle with yourself.

1. You might be all grown up on the outside,
But on the inside you still cry.
Oh don’t be sad or let it make you mad,
And here’s the reason why.

2. You might take care of children and others,
Thinkin’ no one cares for you.
Oh don’t give up or hold back your love,
‘Cause you are precious too.

3. You might be lookin’ for an answer
To somethin’ you don’t understand.
Oh be a child with a faithful mind,
And know the pow’r at hand.
Refrain: (Twice)

Be gentle with yourself.

Cutting Edge

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. So many rules to follow in this life,
At work and school and in the places
Where we sleep at night.
And as we try obeying all the rules,
Let’s take the time to realize
The Principle of Truth!

2. Each lifetime is a classroom or a stage
With all the props and prizes
As rewards if we behave.
And as we do our best to play the part,
Let’s never miss the bliss of being
Who we are at heart!

And the whisp’ring hopes convey
There is a better way!
So listen to the Spirit
As you meditate and pray!

3. We see our health as anything but strong,
The treatments running rampant
Like the litany of wrongs.
And as we ask the questions for a cure,
Let’s bring to mind the One Divine
Who healed us all before!

And when the Spirit speaks, oh may we hear!

‘Cause We’re living on the cutting edge of Consciousness,
Where we can seek and find our purpose here.
The only thing to do,
It’s simple but it’s true,
Is keep our mind and body pathways clear
And do the Will of Spirit in good cheer!

Breaking Point

I had a break with life one day,
Or over many years-
But in a moment hit the brake
With whiplash to the fears.

You might call it an accident
With consequences sore,
Yet I soar with the Spirit now
And couldn’t ask for more!

There’s poor and there are destitute
Who own a mansion grand
And can’t pour out their bless’ed gifts
To lend a helping hand.

So when you’re at the breaking point,
Fear not for mind and soul!
The sole result of braking free
Is standing tall and whole!

Written for Lillian’s Poetics prompt at dVerse,
Homophone Me!