Tree of Thanksgiving

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A 3-part, thanksgiving round – please enjoy, remember, and share!

Give your thanks in unbroken song!
Thanks to the One who is One and All!
Live your thanks, for you belong
To the Tree of Life!

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And enjoy these songs by Nancy Abercrombie!

Thanks be to God

Thank You, God

In the Garden

He asked me,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
In turning my head,
I turned away.

He asked me,
“Will you help me
in the garden?”
And my inaction
was action enough.

He asked me,
“Are you peaceful
in the garden?”
And the light of truth
lit up my mind.

He asked me,
“Are you happy
in the garden?”
And without question,
I knew I wouldn’t be without.

I asked him,
“May I join you
in the garden?”
The scene changed
When I saw the change in me.

I asked him,
“May I help you
in the garden?”
As the seasons pass,
may I pass on the harvest!

I ask you,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
For the whole of Life
is whole in you!

A second response to Kim’s garden prompt, linked up with
dVerse OpenLinkNight #184, where Grace is hosting.
OLN is a fabulous free-for-all (i.e. there’s no set prompt). So stop by and read and/or share one poem of your own! You never know what gems you’ll discover here!

Cutting Edge

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. So many rules to follow in this life,
At work and school and in the places
Where we sleep at night.
And as we try obeying all the rules,
Let’s take the time to realize
The Principle of Truth!

2. Each lifetime is a classroom or a stage
With all the props and prizes
As rewards if we behave.
And as we do our best to play the part,
Let’s never miss the bliss of being
Who we are at heart!

And the whisp’ring hopes convey
There is a better way!
So listen to the Spirit
As you meditate and pray!

3. We see our health as anything but strong,
The treatments running rampant
Like the litany of wrongs.
And as we ask the questions for a cure,
Let’s bring to mind the One Divine
Who healed us all before!

And when the Spirit speaks, oh may we hear!

‘Cause We’re living on the cutting edge of Consciousness,
Where we can seek and find our purpose here.
The only thing to do,
It’s simple but it’s true,
Is keep our mind and body pathways clear
And do the Will of Spirit in good cheer!

Breaking Point

I had a break with life one day,
Or over many years-
But in a moment hit the brake
With whiplash to the fears.

You might call it an accident
With consequences sore,
Yet I soar with the Spirit now
And couldn’t ask for more!

There’s poor and there are destitute
Who own a mansion grand
And can’t pour out their bless’ed gifts
To lend a helping hand.

So when you’re at the breaking point,
Fear not for mind and soul!
The sole result of braking free
Is standing tall and whole!

Written for Lillian’s Poetics prompt at dVerse,
Homophone Me!

Taking Flight

If only those with feathers fly,
Then why do airplanes cross the sky?
And why are kites allowed to soar?
There must be something… so much… more!

If only those with wings take flight,
Then why do stars shoot through the night?
And why are minds allowed to probe?
There must be more… we can behold!

If only those with feathers lift,
Then why the heart with tender wish?
And why the prayer without a word?
There’s always More… The soul is heard!

Written for Victoria’s prompt,
Come Fly with Me-dVerse Poetics.

The More Strings Change

I changed my guitar strings today. It wasn’t “time.” I mean, they weren’t dull-sounding, frayed, rusted, or going out of tune. In fact, they sounded great! But they felt like barbed wire cutting into my fingers! Just because someone recommends something, doesn’t mean it will work just as well for me. So I swapped them for my favorite, softer, silk-wrapped strings. They still sound great, even with a little less volume. But the experience is much better. You see, the more strings change, the more they play the same.

spiral in and out
seasons, relationships, life
constant as they change

Written for the last-for-now Haibun Monday prompt at


I have never seen the stars, but know them by their light. I feel their sparkles shimmer in my mind as I lift my face to the sky. Iā€™m told that they are falling or passing on their way. So I enjoy their shining pinpoints ā€“ different from the day.

gosamer threads spun
with no thought for their short lives
stars and spiders know

A haibun in response to Toni’s “night sky” prompt at

It’s not the first time I’ve written about stars, but the first I’ve been aware of not actually seeing them. Like so many other things, I feel them – that is all, and that is enough.

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The Star of Christ in You

Moral Compass

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

What does it mean to be good?
What does it mean to do what you should?
How do you know what’s right?
What does it mean to go far?
What does it mean to be who you are?
How do you see the Light?

1. Society can’t help you ’cause it’s broken.
It answers with a question leaving doubt.
And loving one another is a token
Of words we just can’t seem to carry out.

2. We’ve got to learn to look beyond the faces
Of those who preach the practice of the truth.
The teacher’s in the most unlikely places-
It shimmers in the soul that lives in you!
So ask it

How can I be the Light?
What does it mean to be good?

Connecting Prayer

You are me. I am you.
Nothing can part us. We are not two.

We are one. Thy will be done.
Spirit made flesh. The web is spun.

Created in love. Below and above.
Earthly illusions, the push and the shove.

Yet in every thing eternity sings,
One Spirit of knowing that plays its own strings.

Because you are me. And I am you.
Nothing can part us, One in the Truth!

From my notebook of
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Tanka Experiment

ocean swirls and churns
feelings thought dead resurface
rumbles of desire
tides wash out unconsciousness
deposit new embraces

My first knowing try of this “female” Japanese form. I wrote some over a decade ago, but doubt I really understood the form. I’m not sure I understand it yet, but Toni is helping out over at
dVerse MeetingTheBar. šŸ™‚