Tanka Experiment

ocean swirls and churns
feelings thought dead resurface
rumbles of desire
tides wash out unconsciousness
deposit new embraces

My first knowing try of this “female” Japanese form. I wrote some over a decade ago, but doubt I really understood the form. I’m not sure I understand it yet, but Toni is helping out over at
dVerse MeetingTheBar. 🙂

Blue Vibrations

Blue is my favorite color,
Though I really can’t say why.

I’ve never seen the ocean,
The flowers or the sky,
The hue of sweetest berries,
Or my child’s sparkling eyes.

But blue’s my favorite color,
And maybe I know why:

The peace of its vibration,
The healing it provides,
The grace so all-embracing,
A deeper touch than sight.

O blue’s my favorite color,
A blessing of the Light!

Bryan’s “Awaken us to the Blue,”
this poem didn’t come immediately. I do love blue and always have. But no, I’ve never seen it. So, that got me wondering how I can say it’s my favorite color. Here you go,
written for
dVerse Poetics.

Lost Heart

I cannot find my heart
In the hustle and bustle and hassle and rustle…
Though it’s not even Christmas, I fear!
I cannot find my heart
In illusion, confusion, profusion, delusion,
For its voice is too quiet to hear.

In the silence I wait,
When I can remember,
And call to the Spirit inside.
I cannot find my heart
Unless I am seeking
Rediscovering what’s always been mine.

For the Fifth Anniversary celebration at
where Walt asks us to draw inspiration from this quote:
“I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way


Stretching over earth and sea and sky,
Asking questions, singing answers;
Holding all our “why’s”.

Body, mind and Spirit taking part,
Rising to crescendo, FORTE!
Let it fill your heart.

The songlines draw each life a brilliant art!

A musical-themed Sevenling for

Season of Headache

Celebrating is the last thing I feel like doing.
The first thing is sleep.
The second is coffee, but I’ve already had too much.
That leads to the third,
A terminal headache…
But this, too, shall pass
As I journey onward
To celebrate

Grace hosts today’s first of five anniversary features over at
The Quadrille has become a favorite of mine, and this one should contain the word “journey”. I am journeying indeed, but not celebrating… yet.


Ouch! How the thorns of life impress their mark;
Impacting like a traitor in the dark!
A bleeding wound that never seems to heal;
With all the replays, blood cannot congeal.
Too overwhelmed, forgetful in the pain..;
Take heart! The roses always bloom again!

I’ve come to enjoy this, the Quadrille at
where Björn is hosting, and today’s word is “rose”!

Earth Blessing

A blessing song for our Mother Earth and her many inhabitants. May we live in harmony here, and with all beings everywhere!

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

Earth we know
Earth we love
As below
So above.
Earth we take
Earth we give
We awake
As one to live!

1. May compassion be our guide,
Seeing all that you provide.
May our knowledge come to show
Wisdom as we change and grow.

2. May we give to you our best,
Loving kindness, peace, and rest.
Harmony is One in All,
Shaping land and waterfall.

3. God above and on the earth
Lives through every death and birth.
Planet of the Spirit, too,
May we handle you with Truth!

Summer Colonnade

A colonnade, oasis, place to rest
From Summer heat, a visitor obsessed.

It hasn’t been here long but plans to stay
Until the Autumn sighs with cooler days.

Awating temperature’s more temperate fall,
I make this colonnade my port of call!

This one follows Walter’s prompt at
inspired by this line from T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land”:
“With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade (…)”

But a Summer Colonnade sounds like a dance to me! Or a refreshing drink!

Rain – Haibun

Happy Solstice and a brilliant full moon here in the Northern hemisphere tonight!

This poem does not fit the prompt. We’re supposed to pick a Japanese word for “rain”. But these words are very specific, and I don’t speak Japanese. I’ve always been warned not to use words I don’t truly understand. So, I cannot choose a Japanese word for “rain” as a title. No, I have enough trouble raining on me when I write haiku or haibun, not English forms of poetry, although Heaven knows we commandeer everything as our own sooner or later! All I can say, in my native tongue of not-the-Queen’s-English, is let the rains fall where they may, and here is the haiku that is unfit, unprompted, but not unappreciated!

Pouring, cursed, bless-ed
Four seasons, with more in life
Stirring rains of change

Written in a nonconformist way for


Smiles spilling all around,
Saturating driest ground,
Calming down with softest light
Every fiery word that bites;
Laying in a bed of peace
Where Hope blooms with gentle ease.
And in the morning glow of Dawn,
We look and find new smiles have grown!

Another for
with thanks to Grace for her inspiration!