Wild Wind

Wind howls through my mind,
tearing a treacherous path,
driving, destroying, demolishing…
The calm, cultivated landscape
erodes before me.
What can this mean?
What’s next?
A breeze speaks whisperingly
of a land too close to see.
And through the howling wind,
I go.

Quadrille, 44 words excluding title, containing some form of “whisper.” This one also goes for De’s challenge of “whisperingly.” Try your own and enjoy others at


I’ve been to a temple, a grand cathedral, and not noticed its splendor. Yes, so unaware was I that in the face of beauty, I saw nothing unusual. I’ve been there so often that I pass it by, heedless of what really happens within its walls. But today, or so it seems, the temple veil is lifted! And I see the beauty, the splendor, the blessing of this temple and cathedral that is mine.

bliss of nature shines
Spirit taking form in me
as body temple

Written for Toni’s Haibun Monday Free for All at

In the Garden

He asked me,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
In turning my head,
I turned away.

He asked me,
“Will you help me
in the garden?”
And my inaction
was action enough.

He asked me,
“Are you peaceful
in the garden?”
And the light of truth
lit up my mind.

He asked me,
“Are you happy
in the garden?”
And without question,
I knew I wouldn’t be without.

I asked him,
“May I join you
in the garden?”
The scene changed
When I saw the change in me.

I asked him,
“May I help you
in the garden?”
As the seasons pass,
may I pass on the harvest!

I ask you,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
For the whole of Life
is whole in you!

A second response to Kim’s garden prompt, linked up with
dVerse OpenLinkNight #184, where Grace is hosting.
OLN is a fabulous free-for-all (i.e. there’s no set prompt). So stop by and read and/or share one poem of your own! You never know what gems you’ll discover here!

Garden Growing

I’ve always wanted a garden,
But I fear my thumbs are black,
Coated in sadness and sorrow,
The only things that grow for me.

I’ve always wanted a garden,
But I gave up long ago,
Coated in unfulfilled wishes,
The only fruit on barren trees.

I’ve always wanted a garden,
And I tried to plant before,
Coated in dreams and desires,
That only others brought to life.

I’ve always wanted a garden,
But I’m not the child I was,
Coated in sadness and sorrow,
The only reason nothing grows!

I’ve always wanted a garden,
And I know my thumbs are green,
Coated in wishes and hopes and dreams,
My garden is a fruitful scene!

My response to Kim’s Tuesday Poetics prompt at

Whether growing a garden or anything else, the only mistake is not to try!

My mother and grandmother each kept a garden as long as they could – flowers, vegetables, herbs, berries and strawberries, grape vines, pear trees, and maybe more I don’t remember. I do remember picking beans, onions, and other vegetables, but whether it was spoken or not, I always felt like I was all black thumbs next to their green ones.

It seems too late in a way, but I’ve come to appreciate the value of gardening, especially growing produce to brighten your table and health. Yet I’ve been too overwhelmed to garden, knowing I couldn’t keep the extensive gardens my mother and grandmother had.

Suddenly (it wasn’t, but feels like it was) I’ve blown off all these expectations. To that I can only, honestly say, “Thank God!” I’ll start small with some herb pots, and I might even lose some. But the only way I can really fail, is if I never try!

Happy gardening, whether it’s plants or the garden of thoughts and beliefs we so often neglect!

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

In the morning sun,
Golden threads are spun.
Shards of rainbows greet the day;
Sparkling dewdrops smile
For a precious while.
Gather nectar while you may!

Soon the day is run,
Noon is halfway done.
Taught to work and not to play,
Lest you act the child,
Cramping proper style;
Yet – no virtue in dismay!

Evening fast begun
Over everyone.
Keep the restless thoughts at bay,
Strongly face the trial,
Step-by-stepping mile;
Simple path, enlightened way!

Gayle hosts today’s Meeting the Bar, where we write an alouette. It’s a fun, interesting form, so please join us at

A Clouded Plate

The reign of our food
is clouded with foes.
I won’t dig into
the cons and cheap pros
or theories that spread
like diseases and woes.
Just one simple question:
Do we care to know
and feed ourselves fully,
so good things may grow?

A Quadrille using the word “cloud” (clouded here) written for
Please drop by and read other poems as beautiful and diverse as their poets!


Feed Your Body and Mind

Taking Flight

If only those with feathers fly,
Then why do airplanes cross the sky?
And why are kites allowed to soar?
There must be something… so much… more!

If only those with wings take flight,
Then why do stars shoot through the night?
And why are minds allowed to probe?
There must be more… we can behold!

If only those with feathers lift,
Then why the heart with tender wish?
And why the prayer without a word?
There’s always More… The soul is heard!

Written for Victoria’s prompt,
Come Fly with Me-dVerse Poetics.

The More Strings Change

I changed my guitar strings today. It wasn’t “time.” I mean, they weren’t dull-sounding, frayed, rusted, or going out of tune. In fact, they sounded great! But they felt like barbed wire cutting into my fingers! Just because someone recommends something, doesn’t mean it will work just as well for me. So I swapped them for my favorite, softer, silk-wrapped strings. They still sound great, even with a little less volume. But the experience is much better. You see, the more strings change, the more they play the same.

spiral in and out
seasons, relationships, life
constant as they change

Written for the last-for-now Haibun Monday prompt at

Opening (Butterfly Song)

When I started these lyrics in 2011, they contained the verses of
Remember (The LOA Song).
There they stayed, and I often use that song in concerts and workshops based on the Law of Attraction.

The verses heard here were written in 2012, and the third verse and music just this week. Even a song goes on a journey! So how much more do we! May your journey be one of constant opening!

Opening – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Your experience now
Was created before.
Your thinking and feeling
Have only brought more.
A new understanding
Can even the score
And let in the life
You deserve and adore!

2. By changing the inside,
Improve what you get.
Enjoy what you have,
And let go of the rest.
The Universe carries you
Every step,
Supplying your needs.
So have faith! You are blessed!

3. Your thinking and feeling
Are not all there is.
A Power much higher
Inspires your bliss.
In every detail
You believe is amiss,
Hear Love softly calling you
Deeper than this!

So sweet,
Like the butterfly you find release.

Reach within yourself and feel the opening, contented,
The broken wing, now mended.
Soar in harmony and peace!
As deep within yourself you feel the lightening, astounding,
The brightening, surrounding,
And like the butterfly you find release.


Be the Butterfly!
The Butterfly Effect and You!


I have never seen the stars, but know them by their light. I feel their sparkles shimmer in my mind as I lift my face to the sky. I’m told that they are falling or passing on their way. So I enjoy their shining pinpoints – different from the day.

gosamer threads spun
with no thought for their short lives
stars and spiders know

A haibun in response to Toni’s “night sky” prompt at

It’s not the first time I’ve written about stars, but the first I’ve been aware of not actually seeing them. Like so many other things, I feel them – that is all, and that is enough.

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