Exercise Our Right to Try Again

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If you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions yet, this song is not for you. But listen anyway, because you’ve probably broken one before. It’s time to put this phenomenon in its proper place, so we can move on and live well!

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. So we made our resolutions
To start a revolution,
But they must be delusions
‘Cause we feiled ’em, every one.
The time and money saving,
The work to quit the craving,
But what’s the use of raving
When a new day has begun!

2. May we never stop resolving,
Connecting and involving,
Progressing and evolving
Til we make it, every one.
And give our hearts in caring,
Extend our hands in sharing,
And let our minds be daring
For a better way has come!
Refrain: (Twice)

Let us exercise our right to try again!

And we can exercise our right to try again,
start anew and simply do the best we can!
And if we fail and try and fail again,
We just engage the backup plan
And exercise our right to try again.
We exercise our right to try again!

Choice Is Voice

If you received this post by email, click the URL to hear this song.

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

How we spend our money,
Actions, words, and time,
There’s an awful lot of spending
That goes on in this life!
How we spend our energy,
Feelings, and thoughts,
The product ought to fit the price
Of what we spent in cost!

1. We don’t have to be broke
Or wonder which way’s up
Or try to drink from that half empty,
Cracked financial cup.
It’s gonna take some time,
But starting is a choice.
We know where our money goes,
And we still have a voice!

2. It becomes a habit,
What we say and do,
How we treat each other
And our fellow beings too.
It takes a conscious mind
To choose a better way.
Let’s speak for the Light in us
With every choice we make!

3. We criticize in judgment,
But so much is not true.
And we feel sad and tired
Like our energy is through.
But every day is new.
Remember why we’re here:
To live in Love and freedom
With the Spirit bright and clear!

We make the product fit the price
Of what we spent in cost!


How You Play the Game


The Time is NOW

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:”*
And talk is all we do;
No wonder we don’t change a thing!
The fear of time and time of fear
Strings us along a string.
The time is now, and now’s the time
To act upon the scene!

*Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872

Written for Lillian’s prompt, “Timing is everything!” at

Opening (Butterfly Song)

When I started these lyrics in 2011, they contained the verses of
Remember (The LOA Song).
There they stayed, and I often use that song in concerts and workshops based on the Law of Attraction.

The verses heard here were written in 2012, and the third verse and music just this week. Even a song goes on a journey! So how much more do we! May your journey be one of constant opening!

Opening – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Your experience now
Was created before.
Your thinking and feeling
Have only brought more.
A new understanding
Can even the score
And let in the life
You deserve and adore!

2. By changing the inside,
Improve what you get.
Enjoy what you have,
And let go of the rest.
The Universe carries you
Every step,
Supplying your needs.
So have faith! You are blessed!

3. Your thinking and feeling
Are not all there is.
A Power much higher
Inspires your bliss.
In every detail
You believe is amiss,
Hear Love softly calling you
Deeper than this!

So sweet,
Like the butterfly you find release.

Reach within yourself and feel the opening, contented,
The broken wing, now mended.
Soar in harmony and peace!
As deep within yourself you feel the lightening, astounding,
The brightening, surrounding,
And like the butterfly you find release.


Be the Butterfly!
The Butterfly Effect and You!


You have known the choke hold of fear,
Tomb of depression,
Volcano of rage,
Maze of mind and feelings.

You have tasted, recoiled;
Touched, rejected;
Seen, disbelieved;
Heard, misunderstood;
Smelled, flinched.

Awaken, remember:
I am the Opener
Of pathways unknown to you!
Know Me!

A Quadrille in response to Victoria’s “open” prompt at

Ultimate Wish

I used to wish for things
And buy them when I could,
But found out that the tools
Don’t make the living good.

Creating all I want
And learning something more,
The skills have served me well,
But life was still a chore…

At last I looked within,
Expecting darkest space:
But found instead the Light
Beyond this time and place.

It’s hard sometimes to calm
When problems need a fix;
The mind does loops and swirls,
Up to so many tricks.

We try and try to force
And everything to solve.
Yet there is only Power
In knowing peace and love.

What’s this to do with wishes?
I never ask for more
Than being the potential
That shimmers at my core.

All things that I could hope for,
Could want or ever be
Are manifest already;
I only wish to see!

My response to Mish’s wonderful prompt at

I’ve done enough wishful thinking in my life, and it’s never measured up. I don’t regret it, but now do my best to let Universal Intelligence “think” through me and not to rest all my hope and expectations on material things – ore people!

Connecting Prayer

You are me. I am you.
Nothing can part us. We are not two.

We are one. Thy will be done.
Spirit made flesh. The web is spun.

Created in love. Below and above.
Earthly illusions, the push and the shove.

Yet in every thing eternity sings,
One Spirit of knowing that plays its own strings.

Because you are me. And I am you.
Nothing can part us, One in the Truth!

From my notebook of
Prayer treatments.


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Probing Questions

Hurts, doesn’t it?
I shouldn’t touch that, should I?
How are we doing today?

Your questions jar me into awareness
so I can remember
that my pickles are not your pickles.

Your voice jars me open,
shattering the open jars
of my pickled brain.

Björn’s chosen word is “jar” for Quadrille 13 at

Come join us – drinks and entertainment are free, and the Quadrille is always fascinating! Pickles not required.

Pink Flamingo

Many, if not all of us at one time or another, live in silent desperation. We feel we can’t tell others what is really going on, so we (try to) hide behind a smiling face, a sense of humor, evasive answers, or in this case, a pink flamingo. May this song be a reminder that we’re all in this together, and there is a Light of Truth behind our identities and expectations!

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

I hid my sins behind
A pink flamingo
So people think things go
The way I wish they would.
But when I take the time
To see the light inside me,
I know it gently guides me
To a place that’s real and good.

1. The paradise I got
Is not the paradise I wanted.
And the love I thought would last,
It slid right down the drain.
And I just couldn’t face the facts
Of the faces and opinions.
So I held it all inside me
And tried not to complain.

2. The picture that I see
Is not the picture that I wanted.
And the things I need to do,
It seems they never do get done.
And I just couldn’t face the facts
Of the faces and opinions.
So I tried to smooth it over
And paint a better one.

‘Cause that flamingo statue can fall over.
And all the stuff behind it can pour out.
My insecurities are like that cover.
God sends the tides and washes them all out.

So no more hiding sins behind
A pink flamingo
So people think things go
The way I wish they would.
‘Cause when I take the time
To see the light inside me,
It always gently guides me
To a place that’s real and good.

A place that God provides me
Where I understand His good.


Ouch! How the thorns of life impress their mark;
Impacting like a traitor in the dark!
A bleeding wound that never seems to heal;
With all the replays, blood cannot congeal.
Too overwhelmed, forgetful in the pain..;
Take heart! The roses always bloom again!

I’ve come to enjoy this, the Quadrille at
where Björn is hosting, and today’s word is “rose”!