It Ain’t Me

“It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for,”*
No matter what you say.
You’re lookin’ for an actor’s part
I’m not equipped to play.

“It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for”
In everything you do.
You’re lookin’ for distractions brief
TO fill the void in you.

“It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for,”
Despite your whirling mind.
You’re lookin’ for the brilliant Light:
Your soul’s eternal shine!

*Quote from
“It Ain’t Me Babe” by Bob Dylan.

Written for Björn’s prompt at

Soul Reflection

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. God brought us together,
You and me in Love.
Through our lives we shine his Light
On Earth from Heav’n above.
May we

2. Two made one in fullness,
Both a bless’d part.
We remind each other
Love is where we end and start.
May we

3. Some days our eyes are foggy
With reflections sad and pale.
In quiet mind we find
The Spirit’s Love that lifts the veil.
So we

See through the windows of the eyes
Into the waters of the soul,
Reflecting every being pure and whole.

God brought us together,
Pure and whole.

See through the windows of the eyes
Into the waters of the soul,
Reflecting a being pure and whole.


Love Fully


Love – The Simplest of Songs


The service was so beautiful;
Communion cups were passed.
And from the light we saw that day,
The bond was sure to last.
But in the haze of drunkenness
With spirits flowing fast,
Their love gave way to skeletons
And shadows of the past…

A sad but too often true Quadrille for De’s “shadow” prompt at

Connecting Prayer

You are me. I am you.
Nothing can part us. We are not two.

We are one. Thy will be done.
Spirit made flesh. The web is spun.

Created in love. Below and above.
Earthly illusions, the push and the shove.

Yet in every thing eternity sings,
One Spirit of knowing that plays its own strings.

Because you are me. And I am you.
Nothing can part us, One in the Truth!

From my notebook of
Prayer treatments.


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Tanka Experiment

ocean swirls and churns
feelings thought dead resurface
rumbles of desire
tides wash out unconsciousness
deposit new embraces

My first knowing try of this “female” Japanese form. I wrote some over a decade ago, but doubt I really understood the form. I’m not sure I understand it yet, but Toni is helping out over at
dVerse MeetingTheBar. 🙂

Probing Questions

Hurts, doesn’t it?
I shouldn’t touch that, should I?
How are we doing today?

Your questions jar me into awareness
so I can remember
that my pickles are not your pickles.

Your voice jars me open,
shattering the open jars
of my pickled brain.

Björn’s chosen word is “jar” for Quadrille 13 at

Come join us – drinks and entertainment are free, and the Quadrille is always fascinating! Pickles not required.

Shining Jewel

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. I was a lady once.
I was a lady once.
Marriage, child, all in order;
Duties, boundaries, rules and borders.
I was a lady once.

2. I was a servant, too.
I was a servant, too.
Cook and clean and keep the homefire;
Mother and ignore desire.
I was a servant, too.

3. I am a Spirit true!
I am a Spirit true!
Now I listen, all in order,
Breaking chains of rules and borders.
I am a Spirit true!

4. I am a shining jewel!
I am a shining jewel!
God that lights and lives creation
Is my every animation.
I am a shining jewel!

5. I am a lady still.
I am a lady still.
Changing life, unchanging Spirit;
Gentle voice inside, I hear it.
I am a lady still.

I am a lady still!

This was written for the last day of prompts for the Fifth Anniversary of

Gayle Walters Rose asked us to consider a belief we once held that has changed. She presented other questions and possibilities, all of which I found intriguing. Read the post! I chose to write about the roles we’re taught or expected to play; there’s an obvious gender stereotype in this song, and a more subtle question of personal identity. The idea broadens to our Universal Identity, spiritual make-up, Cosmic Essence. We are all a Shining Jewel, regardless of our changing roles on earth.

I started these lyrics 2 years ago. Thank you, Gayle, for a great opportunity to finish them and put them to music. They still read like a poem, so I hope my fellow dVerse Poets enjoy the song!