Happy Easter! May the blessings of the Resurrection be with you, now and in any moment!

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. In every trial
And extra mile,
Through all the while,
The peace in knowing;
In His Presence be still.
And every day
There is a way
To be ok
And feel the blessing
Of the Power that heals.

2. There is a Word
That isn’t heard,
But it is stirred
So deep inside us
By the Spirit of Love.
So much to be
And do and see
When we believe
Upon the living
Christ and Father above!

We may be with Him
In Paradise!

For Christ is risen!
And hope is given
That we may live in
Safe in His keeping,
Waking and sleeping,
Laughing and weeping,
He is our Light!


Based on
The Aquarian Gospel 172:15-42

Enjoy this Easter and the power of resurrection, whether today or at any other time!

Arise – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(capo 1, key of Bb. Originally written in D, no capo. Lowered to avoid vocal strain.)

Arise, arise! Lift up your eyes,
And see the manifesting Christ!
The body dies, the soul defies
And lives in God’s eternal Mind!

1. Death is nothing but sleep. Awake!
Only bonds and chains will break.
The soul is whole through every state.
In God arise, my soul, awake!

2. God is infinite, not confined.
Death is only an end in time.
Begin to know the Christ in Mind.
The Light is come, awake and shine!

3. Jesus let his body go.
Resurrecting so we could know
That as above, it is below:
The Love without a fear or foe!

The body dies, the soul defies
And lives in God’s eternal Mind!

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Arise – Easter Mp3

Easter Poem

To Aaron with love;
To anyone who has ever been a child…

In Spring the Easter Bunny comes
And everything is new.
The flowers bloom just like the love
That grows inside of you.

Oh, you are special! You are light!
Your heart is full of love.
So, let it grow, and let it bloom
Like flowers in the sun.

Have a blessed Easter, because it’s just celebrating the new life we can choose at any time!