Recipe for a Good Marriage

Mr. and Mrs. G. with Rev. Crystal

To Mr. and Mrs. G.
With my heart-felt thanks
For the honor of officiating your wedding
And for helping me heal.

In order to have a good, fulfilling marriage on all levels, it must first be fulfilling on a spiritual level. This is why I answered the call to Metaphysical ministry–to live the example of inner fulfillment, to demonstrate it through a successful life, and to support others as they look within to manifest their own success.

I focus on marriage here, because it’s been on my mind a lot lately. However, these points apply to any intimate relationship. I left my own marriage with a bitter taste. I knew that wouldn’t serve me, or anyone else. And by the Presence and Power of God, I’m moving beyond those issues to the Love I know as Truth.

It’s been my experience that when we truly desire something, the Universe moves all things to provide it! So it was with choosing love over bitterness for me. In ministerial lessons we studied the role of marriage in Metaphysics, and just today, I officiated my first wedding ceremony.

Throughout these things I’ve asked myself, that is my Highest Self, what is a good marriage? Even within individual couples, expectations vary widely. People want emotional support. Some want their partners to read their minds–which rarely works on mental power alone! And everyone has some physical expectation. This is all perfectly natural, but what’s really going on here? With the Truth so hidden by society, it’s a wonder to me that any marriages survive at all!

The question is, as ever: Where does fulfillment, love, or success come from? What creates the relationship, or marriage we want?

If the marriage is to be a true success, the Creator must be God-Mind, Universal Consciousness, the Spirit within each of us, expressing itself through this relationship.

Christ said, “Seek first the kingdom of God,” which we know to be within us already. Because, “All these things will be added to you.” All what things? Mental communication, emotional support, and unconditional love and acceptance–even when we disagree, just to name a few.

I don’t know what your good marriage looks like. I don’t know what the marriage of these newly weds will look like. But I wish each and every one blessings! I do believe there are some clues. If we have these, then we will have a successful marriage.

Attributes and Affirmations for a Good Marriage

* Positive feelings – I affirm you in thought, word and action.

* Understanding – I may not understand your behavior, but I do understand that you are following a divine path that is as valid as my own.

* Deep feelings – The roots of my feelings for you are planted firmly in rich spiritual soil.

Christ told the parable of a man who built his house on the sand, and one who built on a rock. The storm came, the floods raged. And CRASH! The house on the sand fell, providing no shelter from the storm. But the house on the rock withstood the weather, providing shelter, warmth and safety.

The feelings we have for each other must have roots. Where? Not in the physical realm, not mental roots where we think about how much we like this or that about our partners. Not emotional roots where we praise our partners for how they make us feel. But spiritual roots. We must know that between us and within us is the oneness that is nothing less than God-Presence.

* Mental communication – I open my mind to God-Mind, and it expresses through me in our communications together.

When we recognize the spiritual roots of our relationships, then we receive mental communication. It is not by our own power, but by God’s, working through each of us.

* Spiritual communication – The God in me communes with the God in you.

Beyond thought and feeling, is Spirit. It is the core of your being, and the core of your partner’s being. Aware of this, we deepen our connection and strengthen our roots.

* Tenderness – I know the tenderness of God and extend it to you.

I think this one is Self-explanatory. Let your God-Self show you tenderness, and you will know and experience it between you.

* Love – I let the Life of God love through me, and we experience Universal Love together.

Saving the best for last! This is a deep love, more profound than any words or actions can express. This is God-Love, and God itself. Love is the Law’s fulfilling, and the greatest commandment. The good news is, we do not love by ourselves! We let God love through us, and extend that love to our partners.

A good marriage has a foundation of these spiritual attributes. They are not just pie-in-the-sky, nice things to say at a wedding ceremony. They are principles, Truth we can live by, when we let our relationship with God-Within guide our relationships with others.

Namaste, and may we each let it be so!

And so it is!

Handwoven Leno Hug – Ordination Shrug


I started weaving this shrug/wrap on the 3rd, the day after I joyfully signed my vows and agreements. It was finished 4/6, the day before my first Sunday “as a minister”. It was a fun project with special meaning to me.

Originally I planned to weave the Shrug in Leno from The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick. But there is a reason why we ask in affirmative prayer for “this, or something better!” I didn’t get “this” pattern, but I got something much better!

All this is :), is 2 pieces. The back piece is long enough to wrap over my shoulders with the fringe touching my upper arms. It has no sleeves, but the sides of the back act almost like capped sleeves.

The front piece is all leno lace. You set up the rigid heddle loom as you would to weave any tabby or plain weave cloth. But as you weave, you pick up and twist groups of threads, locking the twist in place as the shuttle carries the weft back and forth. This is not complicated! Some would say it’s slow, but I felt it wove up quickly, and I had fun – which explains a lot!

I tell you this is not complicated, and it’s not. But the first day I started weaving, I just could not get my mind or my fingers wrapped around what the cloth “should” look like. I’ve never touched leno until now, so I had no idea what I was actually striving to weave. So I stopped, temporarily, and wove a third of the back in plain weave. Fine.

Next day the leno worked great! I still didn’t know, from previous tactile experience, what I was supposed to weave. But I didn’t care. I kept on with it, which taught me again, that we don’t need to know the “how” or the means by which everything will work out. All we need to know, is that it will work out!

SO the second third of the back is in leno, and I felt a sense of accomplishment weaving it. It’s truly a beautiful texture!

The last third, like the first, is plain weave.

Added to the front piece that is all leno, this shrug is my favorite handwoven piece! I wear many of my handwovens, but this one is extra special.

In deciding how to connect the front and back, I had many ideas. I’m grateful for them all and I know I’ll use them in future projects! Chinese knot buttons, beads, standard buttons, ties, cords, plied, twisted or knotted fringe, netting, crocheting, sewing… There are more ways to join 2 pieces than there are pieces to join! 😀

But the idea that stuck was the most natural thing in the world to me. When I was little I got a necklace for Easter. It had plastic lambs strung with beads between them. A sheep-lover all my life, I adored that necklace! And I cried and cried the day it broke. But something made either my mom or me save the lambs from that necklace.

I found them in my jewelry box the night I finished this piece and actually said out loud, “Wow! That’s it!”

Now, one lamb is sewn on each side of the back piece. They lay on my shoulders when I wear this. The leno creates holes in the front piece, so I just put the lambs through some leno on each side. And there you have it.

All is not lost! Leno does work. My sheep live on. And I have something to wear that makes me smile and laugh – and yes, cry a little too, with amazement at how things do work together for our good.

And if it works in these “little things,” how much more does it work in great things?

Aareen, the Woven Easter Egg

Aareen, Woven Easter Egg

This cute little Easter egg toy is named after my son Aaron, and small loom designer Noreen Crone-Findlay.

As you appreciate this, I hope you will use these affirmations:

I allow fun into my life! I embrace the joy life freely offers! I revel in the newness of each season, each week, each day and each moment! I give thanks for the ability to always choose something new and different. And so it is!

Kids, Weaving and Being Born-again

It all started with a birth – everything does!

Six years ago today, on a cold, windy afternoon, my son Aaron was born. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Aaron at racecar

It’s pretty obvious when people are born. One moment there’s no baby, but it’s clear that something’s happening. The next? Hello, newly manifested physical person! I’m blessed that was how the birth unfolded – joyfully and, yes, painlessly and quickly. Less than an hour from start of labor to baby in arms.

Yet, most births aren’t that obvious. Every day, every hour, every minute, with each “simple” thought we think, we are birthing something. I consider birth to be another word for manifestation. Something that was an idea, a thought, when it’s birthed, now expresses in physical form.

Sometimes we see the beauty in that form. My thoughts at the birth of my son were of miracles, awe, peace, possibility and love. Six years later, they are amplified!

Other times we see limitation. How many babies are born “deformed?” With problems? Disabilities? Imperfections? I know, I was called one of those.

And how many things do we manifest/see in our lives, that we label bad? Wrong? Too this, too that?

One of Aaron’s birthday presents started out as one of those “wrong” things. Yes, here I am again, admitting how I occasionally put my metaphysical foot in my figurative mouth!

basketweave pattern

The cloth is a modified basket weave. See the pattern? That’s fine, except that that was not “supposed to be” the pattern. It “should” have had 2 layers instead. But I chickened out at the last minute before attaching the warp to the loom and chose the basket weave. Thought 2 layers were “too much” for me.

So I wove, glad to have avoided what I perceived as a problem, and the basket weave cloth came off the loom.

Washed, dried, fringe trimmed. Uh oh, cloth is “too short!”

Too short for what? For the scarf I’d decided somewhere along the line, to create from it.

And so the cloth waited a long time in the bin where I keep stuff that’s waiting for me to see it differently.

maple recorder

Gently, easily and over time, as the cloth waited and I wasn’t thinking about it, I was thinking about Aaron. He loves music, thank God! And he loves instruments of all kinds. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to give him my recorder. It wasn’t my first recorder – that one is long gone. But it was my first wood recorder, made of smoothly finished maple, with a warm, resonant sound. Perfect birthday present for my little music-lover.

Thing was, it had no case. SO out came the basket weave cloth that was “too short.” Except now, it was just the right length to make a recorder bag!

handwoven recorder bag

The thick basket weave texture offered a cushion. Some extra length beyond the recorder dimensions created a flap. And with some help from my needle, crochet hook, cotton yarn and a snap closure, it became the best recorder bag I’ve ever seen!

When Aaron opened the present, he actually stopped when he saw the bag. Kids generally tear into presents and go on to the next one. He usually does the same. 🙂 But not this time. Aaron stopped, presumably looked at the bag, and said, “Mommy, you weaved this. It’s so nice.”

I was a little teary-eyed. 🙂 He continued, opened the bag and said, “Wow! A whistle!” I told him that it was a recorder and shared the story that it had been mine, and I was passing it on to him. I know how he appreciates instruments. But even I was surprised at how touched and impressed he seemed. There were moments when I figured that would be his least-favorite gift, because it wasn’t the toys he said he wanted.

Oh, Aaron likes his toys! But he also really enjoys his recorder and its bag.

I know it’s because that gift flowed. When I opened up to the possibility of birthing something good, something good came. When I let go of limitations and labels – about the cloth, whether Aaron would like it, etc – the Spirit came brilliantly through.

What are you birthing? What do you want to birth, to manifest, in your own life?

It may not be a child, or maybe it is! It could be a creative project, like the bag. It could be a business venture, or a personal relationship. It can be anything at all!

When you believe you can, by the God-Power within you, you are being born-again, in your own mind. (By the way, that’s the only place you can truly be born-again!) When you are born-again in consciousness, you can do, have or create your desire. You can birth it, manifesting it into physical form. Not you alone, but You, by the Power that created you.

Choose possibility! Choose openness. Choose love, because Love is the great Creator within each and every one of us, during each moment of our lives.

And Love is the thing that, on your birthday and every day, celebrates You in your divine perfection!

For this we give thanks. We let it be so.

And so it is!

Mom’s Handwoven 3-day Meta Hat


I’ve been doing a lot of weaving lately. And not just on the loom, but we’ll keep it to loom-weaving for now!

Two recent projects reminded me of Universal Truth – even when it doesn’t appear true, there is good/God in everything.

I wanted to weave a hat for my mom. Simple, right? So I searched the ‘net for patterns, found some but didn’t like some things about them, so I modified one of the patterns until I felt good about it.

I warped. I wove. Then I realized:

1. Hat fabric will not go around head.

2. Who wants knots pressing into their head?

3. How the … heck? … am I going to make a hat from this … darn? … cloth now?

Fortunately I didn’t stay in that frame of mind long! Because if I had, I would have felt angry and defeated, the cloth would have been labeled “a lost cause,” Mom would have no hat, and more likely than not, I would have given up on hat weaving forever. 😮

Through what I can only call divine intervention, I created the hat pictured here from a flat piece of cloth with un-hatlike fringes on each end. And to create the extra length so an adult’s head actually fits the hat? I added soft crocheted lace. It joined the ends, covered up the fringes, and made an embellishment – which isn’t something I often take the time to do.

My plain, useful hat went from a plain, useful idea, to a “mess,” to a warm and beautiful Winter accessory. In 3 days!

Mom came to visit yesterday, and I was thrilled to find her wearing the hat! She pronounced it warm, and the lace – which she thought would make her head cold – didn’t. So I got some pics after all. I think when I gave it to her a week ago, I was glad to be done with it!


This one is the hat, with the Meta Stripe Scarf I wove afterward. Mom left yesterday wearing both, and I freely admit I was proud. 🙂

I bet Mom’s proud too – proud that she was the one who took me to that weaving demo when I was 5 or so. That weaving demo continues to touch our lives in wonderful ways!

Shine your Light! Prize #3

There’s just one day left to submit comments for the Shine your Light! Giveaway! Comments will be closed on the evening of January 6, 2013.

Here are the prizes:
1. Double-knit Doll
2. And so it Is! vol. 1 Mp3 Album Download

The last prize is a customized handwoven scarf, in “the spirit” – if you will – of my Spirit Reminder Scarf.

You choose 2 colors that symbolize Goddess, God, Spirit, Universe, Truth, higher consciousness, etc. to you, and also the length and width of the scarf. I weave it, including any specific positive intentions you have. Feel free to ask me for support in choosing the intentions! Then, I send it and you wear, use and enjoy it as you see fit – for anything from meditation to keeping warm to wearing as an accessory to an outfit. 🙂

You are a psycho-physical unit. So, your mind affects your body, and your body affects your mind. I believe that our clothes, tools, food and other materials also affect us with their energy. We can choose a positive effect, and that’s what I intend to do by offering this scarf.

Comment away! That’s all you need to do to win one of these prizes!

Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #2


In deciding what would be fun to share for the Shine your Light! Giveaway, I wanted to choose woven and musical things aligned with the positive energy of Peaceweaving. Sounds good, right? Yet I had no idea what those things would be!

Just this past weekend it hit me… Uh, do we not offer And so it Is! vol. 1? Well yes, we do!

So prize #2 is a free mp3 download of the album, notes, lyrics, instrumentation and cover art. And more than one of these might be given away!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… 😀 Follow the guidelines in the original post (see Shine your Light! link above) and describe your favorite winter festival tradition, memory, etc.

It’s as easy as that! My intention with this and all of Peaceweaving is to expand spiritual connection for myself and all others!

Enjoy, and may you feel blessed, now and always!

Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #1


Want to know how you can win this doll or other prizes? It’s easy! See the Peaceweaving Holiday Giveaway Guidelines.

Most of the prizes are woven, but I like to throw you for a loop now and then! 😀


This silly, cuddly doll is safe for any age. She is double-knit and was created on a knitting board.

Her body is a soft ribbed texture and partially stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Her head is a zigzag texture and moves so she can nod… or sleep! Her hair was crocheted in loops, using fuzzy, curly yarn. She is free to be hugged, carried around and loved with no bits and pieces to pull off.

She hasn’t been named as yet… So the winner will have the pleasure of getting to know this dolly and discovering her name!

Handwoven Spirit Reminder Scarf

Spirit Reminder Scarf

By now you’ve noticed my seasonal posts. Some wonderful changes are happening in my life, many of them seasonal. Here are a few brief mentions:

1. Feeling more a part of nature

2. Being more aware of colors and what they mean to me (which may or may not coincide with anyone else’s meaning and that’s ok)

3. Knowing that when I feel unsettled, I can choose a better feeling and/or know this one will pass

4. Looking forward to different eating, sleeping and waking routines

5. Appreciating nature and how my life mirrors it and vice versa

So where does this scarf come in? I’m so glad you asked! 😀

All that I’m noticing boils down to one thing: the awareness of a connection with Spirit and the desire to live in alignment with that Spirit. Call it nature, universe, Goddess, God, inner power, light, life itself, the infinite… I use all these descriptions, and you may have more! It’s that source, the thing that sustains us and that we’re made of, at the same time.

Of course, the inner awareness must manifest as visible things. This scarf is one manifestation.

Called the Spirit Reminder scarf, this is a “sign” of the connection I feel. It’s also a tool for getting back to that connection if I temporarily forget about it.

I bought the white yarn several years ago and the purple at least last year. I loved the feel of these yarns! Both are soft; the white is thin and smooth, and the purple is thick and almost fleece-like or velvety. When I bought them, I didn’t know what they would create. I didn’t care either, just enjoyed touching them.

As I’ve connected with the inner and outer seasons of life, I knew these yarns would interweave for the Spirit Reminder Scarf.

The warp (vertical yarn) is white, for pure potential. The weft (horizontal yarn) is purple, for the visible spirit and beauty of everything. Sometimes we don’t see that beauty. In fact, we may perceive the opposite. But when we shift our thoughts and feelings – then we can see something beautiful, connected and right.

Choose to see beauty in each season of your life. It feels so much better that way!

Handwoven Spa Washcloth – Clearing the Subconscious

Loopy Spa Cloth

This loopy spa washcloth seemed like a luxury to me. That’s why I wove it – it was something I wanted, and all the better because I could make it myself. A lot went into weaving this, but much more came out of it.

Tabby or plain weave is what most people think of as “weaving.” Threads travel over, under, over, under each other, interlocking to make cloth. The spa cloth is plain weave, too, but each pile loop is picked up individually.

Like the subconscious mind, the plain weave serves as a background. It’s there, but it’s not our focal point. However, if it weren’t for the plain weave foundation, there would be no loops to focus on. If one thread goes astray, losing its place in the weave, potentially the whole cloth can unravel.

Unraveling happens, or seems to happen, in our lives when a thread is out of place. Remember, these are the background threads, the subconscious. Things we don’t focus on, but that drive everything else. These are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and assumptions. When one is out of place, meaning maybe we believe something that’s not true, the whole fabric of our lives unravels.

Maybe it unravels gradually, or just appears to have a flaw. For example, we have all the money we want, but lack the kind of relationships we desire. How can we put that thread back into place, so that it supports our focus?

This is where the spa aspect comes in. People go to a spa to relax, unwind, to be cleansed, renewed and invigorated. Using this metaphor, we can also cleanse, renew and invigorate our subconscious mind. We can gently, lovingly and easily replace the belief – the thread – that doesn’t serve us. In turn, we replace it with something that serves a fulfilling purpose.

Cleanse the background, so the focus becomes clear. Make sure the plain weave structure of your life, the supporting subconscious, is clear and bright. Prayer, meditation, fun, friendship, journaling, and spending time in nature can be valuable ways to cleanse the subconscious. Doing things we love, reading and listening to uplifting material, attending group activities like Metaphysical meetings, drum circles, energy/Reiki shares and more, are positive reinforcement as well.

My purpose here is to offer practical tools for demonstrating, that is, showing and living, the life you want. As I create this for myself, I automatically create it for you and for the world. Won’t you pick up your metaphorical or literal spa washcloth and join me in the freeing process of cleansing the subconscious to create a great, conscious and visible reality?