The Good Book #Poem

Book, chapter and verse,
Some quote it impressively.
Do they live the Word?

Do they live the Word?
Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson…
Truth from any source.

Truth from any source!
Religions choose just a few;
Some leave out the heart.

Some leave out the heart,
But it’s all we really have
To discern the truth!

This is a Shi Rensa Haiku. You can learn how to write one

Our Nature #Poem

The writers of songs
And the makers of art,
The poetry’s poets
Seek beauty at heart.

We know who we are,
Or we’re trying to find
The meaning of life
And the Nature of mind.

The Mystics and Sages
Whose treasure is Light,
Discover the Truth
Of their Being inside.

It may take some time
To be noticed and heard;
Yet the seeker will find it,
The Light of the Word.

For the Word is your Spirit;
It’s not in a book.
You must journey within,
Not outside for a look.

Like the Mystics and Sages,
The artists and bards,
You’ll uncover the beauty
That dwells in your heart.

And this beautiful Nature
Is yours, free and clear,
When you claim the awareness
Right now and right here.

It’s your Light and your Treasure
That’s perfect and whole;
It’s the Truth of your Being
In heart, mind and soul!

Rock of Ages #Music

Download Mp3

Here is another traditional hymn played on zither (also called a lap harp or plucked psaltery). “Rock of Ages” was written by Rev. Augustus Toplady in 1763. The lyrics are based on Psalm 94:22, which reads, “But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.”

Though the account is unverified, it is said that Toplady was caught in a storm in the gorge of Burrington Combe, located in England’s Mendip Hills. It is believed he found shelter in the cleft of a rock and wrote the lyrics in gratitude for the Rock (the Almighty) that saved him.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement, which has rolled chords most often heard on harp.

Through the Secret Door #Writephoto #Meditation

Download Meditation Mp3
Length: About 16 minutes

A guided meditation with lyre accompaniment, “Through the Secret Door,” for
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Prompt, Secret.

I recommend downloading the meditation to listen at your convenience. It’s about 16 minutes long, a journey well worth the time. And thank you to everyone who takes the time, not just to listen but to benefit from your own journey through the secret door!

Thy Kingdom Come #Poem

Thy Kingdom come within my soul!
I seek the Truth that I am whole,
To know and live my purpose here
And take the path that Heaven clears.

Thy Kingdom come within my heart!
I seek to love and do my part,
To share compassion, joy and peace
Through Heaven’s Christ that lives in me.

Thy Kingdom come within my hands!
I seek release from bonds and bands.
In Oneness with the living Christ,
By showing love I shine the Light.

Thy Kingdom come within my mind!
I seek to Heaven’s blessings find
And bring them into light on earth,
For souls open to all their worth.

Thy Kingdom come, not then, but now!
And seeking minds will find out how.
Becoming quiet, go within
To where the Heav’nly Kingdom is!

“Christ the Lord is Risen Today” #Easter #Music

Note: Please visit post for audio player.

Charles Wesley’s well-known hymn is based on an older Bohemian hymn, whose author is unknown. The version we know today was written by Wesley, co-founder of the Methodist movement, in 1739. The original Bohemian title was “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” while Wesley’s title was “Hymn for Easter Day.” More recently, it’s most often known by its first line, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.”

Enjoy this lovely hymn, played on lyre, and have a blessed and happy Easter!

Sing Praises #Poem

Sing praises to the Christ within!

The Life and Consciousness you are,

Eternal Love in which you live.

Sing praises to the Christ within!

No matter what and where you’ve been,

Your Spirit is the One and All.

Sing praises to the Christ within!

The Life and Consciousness you are!

A Metaphysical Triolet for Palm Sunday and NaPoWriMo day 5.

Palm Sunday Playlist #Music

Here are 4 original songs I posted when I wrote them. Two are definitely Palm Sunday offerings, while the other two are a little more obscure. “Love Is a Coconut” is a fun song about the one thing that opens and lifts hearts or anything else–love. “So It Goes” is a song about time . Good times, bad times, in between times, time is a constant, and it constantly passes! Something we’d do well to remember right now. Please enjoy these tunes, and have a blessed and peaceful Palm Sunday!