“The Sweet By-and-by” #Music

Download “The Sweet By-and-by” Mp3

This hymn was first published in 1868, with lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph P. Webster. It is still a popular traditional Christian hymn that appears in many modern hymnals. I’ve always found it comforting and peaceful.

Today, enjoy ukulele and viola, then compare the sounds of double strung harp, lyre, harp again, and last but not least, zither. Though these instruments are similar, they have different sound qualities. You will hear some slight buzzing in the harp recording, because I misplaced the microphone. My apologies!

Did you know? There are 98 strings in this arrangement! The harp has 23 strings on each side, for a total of 46. The lyre and zither each have 22 strings. Ukulele and viola have 4 strings each. That’s a lot of strings to tune!

I do hope you enjoy this hymn!

“The Irish” Mazurka #Music

Download “The Irish” Mazurka Mp3

Here’s another light and lively mazurka, a dance tune. This one is often played in a set with
Francie’s Mazurka
and others.

I hope you enjoy listening to this delightful tune on zither!

“Chaverim Tovim” #Music

Download “Chaverim Tovim” Mp3

Since Passover begins this evening, here is a medley of two Hebrew
songs. Well, one original called “Erev Tov,” (Good Evening), and a
traditional Hebrew folksong called “Shalom Chaverim,” variously
translated as “Hello Friends,” “Good-bye Friends,” and “Peace to You,
My Friends.”

These are played on zither and Oriole (soprano) recorder, and “Shalom
Chaverim” is a 2-part round. I’ve named this medley “Chaverim Tovim,”
which means “Good Friends.”

I hope you enjoy these two pieces!

“Captain O’Kane” #Music

Download “Captain O’Kane” Mp3

Here’s another Turlough O’Carolan tune, or part of one, called “Captain O’Kane.” This tune has 3 sections that I know of, but I’ve chosen the most common, “A” section, to play on Oriole (soprano) recorder and zither. I hope you enjoy it!

“Carolan’s Lament” #Music

Download “Carolan’s Lament” Mp3

Here’s a tune composed by Turlough O’Carolan, the well-known Irish harper who was blind. Carolan was born in 1670 and died in 1738. He traveled throughout his home country of Ireland, composing harp pieces for his patrons in exchange for their hospitality, room, and board. Some of Carolan’s music was written down by others, and about 300 of his pieces still survive today.

Since I don’t have a harp yet, I’m playing “Carolan’s Lament” on zither. I hope you enjoy it!

“St. Columba” #Music

Download “St. Columba” Mp3

“St. Columba” is one of at least 4 musical settings for the hymn, “The King of Love My Shepherd Is.” It’s a traditional Irish melody that makes a lovely setting for this 1868 hymn by Henry Baker.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement, which includes the soprano Oriole recorder, viola, and zither!

“Shandon Bells” #Music

Download “Shandon Bells” Mp3

It’s March! You know what that means: St. Patrick’s Day is on its way! I’d like to say Spring is also on its way, but let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, enjoy this traditional Irish tune that’s most often a fiddle tune, today played on zither!

“The Sheep under the Snow” #Music

Download “The Sheep under the Snow” Mp3

“The Sheep under the Snow” is a Manx folk song called “Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey.” Please don’t ask me how to pronounce that! It’s a haunting melody I heard for the first time a few days ago. Do yourself a favor and avoid the lyrics, because they are so sad… Needless to say, I’m not posting them here.

I hope you enjoy this folk song on zither!

“Minuet in G” by J.S. Bach #Music

Download Mp3

This piece by Johann Sebastian Bach needs no introduction. There are other sections that are not as well known, but this segment is the most popular. It was one of the first of many simplified Bach pieces I learned as an early piano student. I still enjoy playing it, more than 26 years later.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement played first as a duet on alto recorder, then on lyre, next on zither, and ending with the recorder duet!

“Hyfrydol” (Alleluia, Sing to Jesus) #Music

Download “Hyfrydol” Mp3

I would have waited to post this hymn closer to Easter, if I had realized before recording it that it’s an Easter hymn. However, it’s also an Advent hymn, which I knew, entitled “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.” In either case, the tune is a traditional Welsh melody called “Hyfrydol.”

Today you can clearly hear the difference between Oriole (soprano) and alto recorder. I play the melody as a solo on each of these instruments, then on viola, and end with zither.

Please feel free to share in the comments whether you prefer one recorder over the other! I prefer the warmer sound of the alto myself, but the Oriole is easier to play, with a shorter finger stretch. They’re also in different keys, with the Oriole in C and the alto in F.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement!