“The Red Bridge” #Music

Download “The Red Bridge” Mp3

This is a piece I wrote for one of Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto prompts
last May. I didn’t sing it at the time, but posted a meditation
version on lyre. You can listen to or download that

This version has vocals, accompanied by ukulele. There’s also a viola
part, melody on alto recorder, and an alto recorder duet.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement!

“Peace like a River” #Music

Download “I’ve Got Peace like a River” Mp3

“(I’ve Got) Peace like a River” is a much loved African-American spiritual. It compares peace to a river, joy to a fountain, and love to an ocean. With its simple, repetitive lyrics and catchy melody, it’s an easy sing-along song. In fact, I remember doing just that as a child, singing around many campfires. I even played ukulele more than once to accompany the group!

I hope you enjoy “Peace like a River” on ukulele, viola, alto recorder, and lyre!

“I Gave My Love a Cherry” #Music

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This English folk song is often known as “The Riddle Song.” However, it is just one of many such riddle songs, often sung as lullabies or ballads. It has become popular throughout the English-speaking world, since its possible 16th-century origin. According to
Song Facts,
some sources claim there are hidden messages in the lyrics, but there is no such mystery. At the end of the day, it’s a simple folk song, though it can indeed be a hypnotic melody.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement with a verse on ukulele and viola, one on ukulele and alto recorder, and 2 lyre verses in the middle!

“Au Clair de la lune” #Music

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Not to be confused with Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” a classical piece I love, this one is an 18th-century French folk song. The title literally means “By the Light of the Moon.” Its author is unknown, but the melody reigns supreme when anyone learns a musical instrument. In fact, it was one of the first songs I learned to play when I took violin lessons.

Today you’re hearing alto recorder, viola rather than violin, and Oriole soprano recorder, accompanied by ukulele. I hope you enjoy this catchy melody!

“My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean” #Music

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Here is a traditional Scottish folk song, so well known that most of us have heard it. I heard it as a child and wondered who Bonnie was. Well, Bonnie may refer to “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” but it may have other meanings as well. The song’s origin is unclear, but it remains popular in Western culture and even as a children’s song, much to my delight.

My arrangement contains viola and alto recorder, with ukulele accompaniment. I hope you enjoy it!

“I Need Thee Every Hour” #Music

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Annie Hawks wrote the poem, “I Need Thee Every Hour,” in 1872. Her pastor, Dr. Robert Lowry, wrote the refrain and the music. Though Annie Hawks wrote over 400 hymn texts, this is the only one continually published and sung today.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement with ukulele, viola, and alto recorder!

“No, Not One” #Music

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This hymn was written by Johnson Oatman in 1895. I first heard it on a record album my grandfather, “Poppop Clyde,” gave me, where two women sang it as a duet in a foreign language. I never knew which language it was… However, it was not German, which I later studied extensively. Though that mystery remains, it’s a beautiful hymn!

I hope you enjoy hearing the English lyrics, viola, and alto recorder with ukulele accompaniment!

“Away in a Manger” 2 Melodies #Music

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Here are two musical settings for “Away in a Manger,” played on ukulele and alto recorder. The first one, best known in the United States, is popularly known as “Mueller.” Written by James Ramsey Murray in 1887, its original title was “Luther’s Cradle Hymn.” The second melody is more popular in the United Kingdom. “Cradle Song” was written in 1895 by William J. Kirkpatrick. Both settings are beautiful melodies, and I hope you enjoy them!

“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” #Music

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This carol is based on the 1863 poem, “Christmas Bells,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. When sung, the two stanzas pertaining to the American Civil War are omitted. However, you can read the full poem

I hope you enjoy this carol, sung and played on ukulele and Oriole soprano recorder!

On the Horizon #SixSentenceStories

Original Song on Ukulele

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Well, the New Year is finally coming!

That means a new horizon for everyone–or at least, for those of us who choose to see it that way.

Right now I’m asking myself what is on my horizon?

Increased well-being, more hope, and the ability to see and embrace new opportunities!

I would also say less stress, but I’m a realist.

So, I’ll say choosing better ways to handle stress and more positive, productive responses in emotional situations are on my horizon!

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Horizon.

What’s on your horizon? Leave a comment if you want to share!