Love – The Simplest of Songs

I wrote this in 2003, and it still rings true for me. In honor of
February and its vibrations of love,
this seemed like a great song to share.

On a side note, purple has gradually become one of my favorite colors. I won’t go into why and how… Suffice it to say that, thankfully, people do change, and do learn to embrace more than we used to! ❤

Love – Lyrics

Instrument: 76-key Casio keyboard (model unknown)

1. Once I searched for a Love that would never die;
True faithfulness on which I could rely.

2. I was lonely but had, o so much to share;
So, I hoped and I prayed for One who would care.
Refrain: (3 times)

Love transcends all borders and fills the empty!
I longed so for this and the joy that it brings,
And You have shown me a Love like this.

Come Come Come!

The beauty of this song is in the music, 4-part vocal harmonies, and the feeling of hope and anticipation it invokes. Written around the same time as Sunshine on the Snow.

It’s important to remember that no human being, circumstance or thing can save us. “Salvation” takes place in our own hearts and minds and is something we can each choose for ourselves.

“Salvation” is not a one-time experience, but a choice we make – or not – every moment of our lives.

Metaphysically speaking, the Messiah in this song is not Jesus, the man, but a rising, Christing consciousness that is born within us. It’s an awareness, a higher state of mind that comes from God. This coming from God, is why Jesus and each of us, are called children of God.

We celebrate the Christ Mind that saves us from the egotistical human mind. It’s not just a Christmas thing and that’s it. Christmas is simply the time set aside in the outer world, to remember the Truth.

Come Come Come! – Lyrics

Instrument: “Strings” and “Piano” on unknown model digital piano, Yamaha soprano recorder

1. Come!
The Messiah will come!
He is coming soon,
And He’ll save the world!

2. Saved!
Yes the world will be saved,
And there shall be peace
For all mankind!

Repeat 1.

In the Meantime – Song

It’s amazing how we write some things, and years later they’re still just as relevant, if not more so. This song is one of those things. Written in 2003, it was requested a lot when I did concerts and other performances. I wanted to share it here for its truth, simplicity, and fun music.

In the Meantime – Lyrics

Instrument: 76-key Casio keyboard (unknown model)

Note: Refrain lyrics are at the end.

1. When something happens that’s bad,
People get angry and sad.
They stay in denial, and cry for a while,
But life goes on in the meantime!

2. When someone’s sad and depressed,
He feels very distressed.
He gets in a mess, and can’t think or rest,
But life goes on in the meantime!

So live each moment
As if it were your last!
And don’t get wrapped up
In living in the past!
Don’t say, “If only…”
As days quickly pass,
‘Cause life goes on in the meantime!

3. When folks have too much to do,
They think they cannot get through.
They feel a great strain; they sit and complain,
But life goes on in the meantime!

Repeat (B).

In the meantime…


Life goes on in the meantime!

And in the meantime the world keeps turning;
In the meantime the sun keeps burning.
In the meantime the world keeps turning around!
Yes, life goes on in the meantime!

Shalom! Baruch Haba!

This is a Hebrew song with 3 vocal parts and keyboard accompaniment. I wrote it during my first college education as I call it, before ministerial school. I’ve always enjoyed languages, whether I understood them or not, and a friend from Israel gave me the opportunity to learn Hebrew. Which I did, enough for conversation and blessings like this one. 🙂

Shalom in this case, means peace.

Baruch haba means welcome.

Keep repeating these 2 phrases and you know the whole song. It sounds more like a lullaby than a welcome song, but I still like it after 9 years, so there must be something to it. 🙂

Instrument: 76-key Casio keyboard (unknown model)

Blessing Prayer – Prayer of Jabez

And they said to him, The LORD shall surely bless you and enlarge your territory, and his hand shall be with you and shall deliver you from evil, that it may not have power over you, and he shall grant you that which you request of him.”
1 Chronicles 4:10 (Lamsa Bible)

Blessing Prayer – Lyrics

Instrument: Yamaha NP31 76-key digital piano

Oh, that you would bless my soul
And may my reach be great by your command!
Oh, that I may always go
Upon the path that’s guided by your hand!

Oh that you deliver me from evil,
That it’s power over me is past!
Oh that I may know you in my mind and soul,
That you grant the things I ask,
Oh that you grant the things I ask!

Come unto Me – Metaphysical Song

I started writing this song while working on Do not Worry – Metaphysical Service. I finished it for Who Does the Work Around Here?

I have a past full of worrying myself sick… Which thank God is just that: PAST! And it helps me offer compassion to those who still worry.

Come unto Me – Lyrics

Instrument: Yamaha NP31 76-key digital piano

Come unto me, all ye that labor,
And I will give you rest.
Come unto me, ye heavy laden!
Lay down your burdens, put me to the test.

1. Take my yoke now upon you,
For it’s an easy load.
You will carry it with me
And never on your own.

2. Take my burden upon you,
For it is very light.
Learn from me to be gentle,
And keep a heart that’s right.

3. All these things that you carry
Are only in your mind!
Take my love and my caring;
Let me guide your life.

And rest, rest, rest your soul!