“The Last Rose of Summer” #Music

“The Last Rose of Summer” is set to a traditional Irish tune called “Aisling an Óigfhear”, or “The Young Man’s Dream.” The poem was written by Thomas Moore in 1805.

Here is this beautiful melody played on zither, lyre with Oriole (soprano) Recorder, and double strung harp. It also includes Ocean Drum to evoke the Irish coast.

I hope you enjoy “The Last Rose of Summer!”

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Download “The Last Rose of Summer” Mp3

“Maitland” #Music

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Download “Maitland” Mp3

“Maitland” was written by American composer George Nelson Allen and was first published in 1835. It is his best known melody and serves as the musical setting for several hymns, including “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?” and was adapted by Thomas A. Dorsey for the hymn, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”

I hope you enjoy this beautiful melody played on double strung harp!

“Bringing in the Sheaves” #Music

Download “Bringing in the Sheaves” Mp3

Knowles Shaw wrote this hymn in 1874. The text is based on Psalm 126:6, which reads: “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” It’s considered an American Gospel song and Protestant Christian hymn. Although Shaw did compose music for his lyrics, the hymn is most often sung to the tune played here, composed by George Minor in 1880.

Today I play Oriole (soprano) Recorder accompanied by ukulele, then solos on zither, lyre, and double strung harp. These solo instruments are all stringed instruments with a very similar range. However, you can hear that they have very different sounds, and the double strung harp can play lovely effects and arrangements that the zither and lyre cannot.

I hope you enjoy “Bringing in the Sheaves!”

The Little Horses #Decima #Music #Poem

Download “The Little Horses” Mp3

O hear this peaceful lullaby
That carries you to wondrous dreams
On horses with their manes that stream!
You ride them safely now in flight!
You travel far in sweet delight
Upon your brown or on your bay,
On dappled mare or on the gray.
You dream as high as horses leap,
Your own adventure while you sleep
From moonlit night to sunlit day!

A Decima written for
Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 67: (LEAP) in the D rhyme line.

The background music is the American folk song, “The Little Horses,” which was part of my
Double Strung Experiment series.

This version is played on a true double strung harp, alto recorder, Egg of Creation shaker, maple rattle, and pear branch Little Spirit Shaker.

I hope you enjoy the music and poem!

Mozart’s “Minuet in F Major” #Music

Download “Minuet in F Major” Mp3

Here is an early piano piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Minuet in F Major.” My double strung harp arrangement is based on the following video by Anne Crosby Gaudet. However, I modified one section, because my harp has no levers. Can you tell which section this is?

I hope you enjoy hearing both arrangements!

Network of Stars #Tanka #Poem #Meditation

Download “Network of Stars” Mp3
Length: About 5 1/2 minutes

Huge network of stars!
And to think each single one
Is a brilliant spark!
We are sparks too–deep inside…
How does yours glimmer and shine?

A Tanka and instrumental piece written for
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Network.

Recorded with double strung harp, Harmony Ball Earth Sphere, Egg of Creation shaker, and alto recorder played like a Native-American style flute. 🙂

“Scarborough Fair” Revisited #Music

Download “Scarborough Fair” Mp3

Today we revisit “Scarborough Fair” from my
Double Strung Experiment series.

I hope you enjoy this much loved traditional English tune on double strung harp! But that’s not all! Since Scarborough is located on the North Sea coast, I also added the Koshi Aqua/water chime, Ocean Drum, cowrie shell shaker, and a mini rainstick shaker. Plus Oriole (soprano) recorder and deerskin frame drum, because why not?

Take a trip to the seaside with me!

“Tell Me the Story of Jesus” #Music

Download “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” Mp3

Fanny Crosby wrote the lyrics of this hymn in 1880. With music by John R. Sweney, it is still published and performed to this day.

I hope you enjoy “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” and its marching tempo on double strung harp!

Song of the Sea #Music

Download “Song of the Sea” Mp3

I wrote this song in 2015. You can listen to the ukulele version with lyrics

Today’s lovely instrumental is played on Ocean Drum, double strung harp, cowrie shell shaker, and Oriole (soprano) recorder. These instruments work especially well in this piece. I hope you enjoy it!