At Your Service #SixSentenceStories

Since the beginning of recorded time, music has been used for
everything from war to peace, from love to loss, from inciting
violence to bringing healing.

Once music was a high art form and was appreciated as such; however,
it’s mostly considered entertainment in our society.

Now, I’ve done my share of performing and providing entertainment, and
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that!

It was fun, both for me and for the audience, but music has so much
more to offer!

Science and the medical establishment confirm the healing–not
necessarily curative, but harmonizing, restoring,
health-promoting–power of sound and music.

Service musicians use this to their fullest advantage, choosing music
that is aligned with their patients’ needs and/or specific therapeutic
or healing goals, not for entertainment or accolades, but to help
others with the musical tools at their fingertips, in their voices,
and in their hearts.

Written for
#SixSentenceStories: Service.

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