First Thing, Last Thing #SOCS #Poem

First thing was probably a slide whistle.
Yes, the one I climbed the washer and dryer
and nearly fell,
while trying to retrieve it,
from the cabinet.
You know, the high cabinet where Mom hid it,
because I wasn’t supposed to have it.
First thing, I’m pretty sure,
was that slide whistle
shaped like a fish!

Next things were
little cymbals,
a triangle,
and a tambourine…
Followed by bamboo flutes
and anything else I could get my hands on!

Finally, at age 10,
I officially became a musician!
But it was organ lessons they wanted for me.
I, of course, had other plans–
plans that were fulfilled
when my parents bought the piano I wanted,
along with the organ they wanted for me!

God bless the lady who had to move
and couldn’t take them with her!
She didn’t know it,
but in selling her precious piano,
she gave me a pathway to peace
that will last my whole lifetime
and, I pray, beyond!

After the piano,
in no particular order, came
Mountain dulcimer,
other flutes and whistles,
violin, later viola,
zither and lyre,
banjo and banjo ukulele,
frame drums
and handbells of all kinds…

I know I’m forgetting some,
and I feel bad for that.
Because each instrument,
no matter how well or badly I played it,
gave me something
I still have today.

I still play,
still love,
still feel the magic,
and still find peace
on the musical journey
that is my life
and the life
I share with others.

This is my Tao, my Way to
wisdom and understanding…
My path to
compassion for myself and others…
In short,
my path to God!

Music was my first thing.
It is my current thing.
And it will be
my eternal
last thing!

My response to Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS Prompt: First thing.

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