“Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella” #Christmas #Music

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Here is a 17th-century French Christmas carol that is still sung today. The French title is “Un flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle,” and it was translated into English in the 18th century. Originating in the Provence region of France, it was not meant to be sung at Christmas, but was considered dance music for the French nobility.

In the lyrics, two farm girls, Jeanette and Isabella, find the Christ Child with his mother in the stable. The song describes how one should speak quietly and see how the baby is peacefully sleeping, enjoying his dreams. Then, they rush to a nearby village to share the news of His birth, and everyone comes to see the baby. To this day in the Provence region, children dress as shepherds and milkmaids and sing this carol on their way to Midnight Mass, carrying torches and candles.

My arrangement contains alto recorder and zither and is played as a lullaby rather than a dance tune. I hope you enjoy it! Have a safe, peaceful, blessed, and very Merry Christmas!

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