The Voice of God #Poem

Read Matthew 6:25-34 (NKJV)

One morning I awakened,
And I heard the voice of God!
“I have given you fresh coffee
And a brand-new coffee pot.

“Your breakfast is provided,
With your lunch and dinner, too,
For the love of my creation.
Yes, my child, just for you.

“You finish what you started,
Every small and larger task,
For I know what you have need of,
Even long before you ask.

“With the people whom you meet,
You are sharing what you know.
You have let me be the artist
Of the canvas that you show.

“You are living by example,
Whether times are good or tough,
Through the knowing of your Spirit
That you always have enough.

“And the baseball game this evening,
I have given for your mind,
For your rest and entertainment,
As a balanced life you find.”

So, when I lay down at nighttime,
I thank God for closing day.
As with every step I took in faith,
He lead me on my way.

And I thank Him for the coming night
And peaceful, restful sleep,
And the Oneness of my soul with God,
In Whom I live and breathe.

For He knows what I have need of,
Long before I even ask!
By His Grace and Guidance I accomplish
Each appointed task!

Your Father Knows

Original Song on Ukulele

One thought on “The Voice of God #Poem

  1. Oh, Crystal – I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful reflection on the words of Matthew. I love the Book of Matthew, and I will want to see Matthew upon my own arrival home.

    I have found these words to be so true and alive in my own life. There is nothing the Father holds back from us – we are his beloved. We are his FAVORITE CHILD.

    We do wake up with those little whisperings and God is always there with something to say – a conversation that goes on day and night if we just stop what we are doing and listen for his voice. As Jesus told us, he is the Good Shepherd, and he is leading his flock –

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