Life Advice to Myself 3TC #Poem

First and foremost, don’t look back!
You’ve given blood and tears enough.
Keep your cheeky, clever humor;
You’ll need it when the going’s tough.

How you act brings what you flower;
What you grow creates your food.
Threats and fright will gain you nothing;
Give joy for best and highest good!

You’ll be old; remember this.
Be patient once and every time.
You’re not the only one in pain;
So persevere! It’s still your climb!

A rivalry will never start,
Unless there’s combat in your style.
Success is yours from deep within,
As steps become your journey’s miles.

You have a telepathic cord,
Connecting you to everyone.
Unhappy thoughts will transfer too;
So give good will, for All is One!

You may not get your every wish,
But there’s fulfillment for your soul.
Be true to who and what you are!
You’re worthy, loved, important, whole!

For this week’s “Take Seven” using all 21 words from
Pensitivity101’s #Threethingschallenge!

Please join us! It’s fun! 😀

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