Positive Extinction

Pain and sorrow,
Bleak tomorrows,
Loneliness, depression deep…
You believe it,
Think you see it:
You’re not worthy of your dreams…

In this world of churning changes,
Couldn’t these become extinct?

Likely no,
So may we grow
In all the good we can perceive!

My Quadrille in response to Linda’s “extinction” prompt at

5 thoughts on “Positive Extinction

  1. Focusing on the good is a form of blinders, of denial, that allows bad to continue and grow. I say BE good, BE positive — but focus clearly on ways to eradicate the bad. Just my opinion.


    • There is always something good in the world. Focusing on it does not mean one is blind. I know, because I have no physical sight. If I focused on that fact, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be here right now. I know this is not what you meant, but I had to address this.


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