The Human Argument

I shouted words you thought I never would;
You claimed it was my strategy and plan.
You saw me as a person kind and good,
But now you are a hurt and angry man.
I’m sorry! It’s my fault; I understand.
For I’m a human being just like you,
Responsible for everything I do.
And I, too, when the fire is burning red,
Get swallowed up by feelings’ flaming rue,
And say things that I wish I never said!

A dizain for

7 thoughts on “The Human Argument

  1. Your dizain is very good. I especially love that line ” Get swallowed up by feelings flaming rue”
    But the whole of the piece is so descriptive of a lovers quarrel. Very nice, thanks for sharing.


  2. Ah, don’t we all? (As others have already said.)
    This is terrific! – a perfect example of the form, and your iambic pentameter creates a pace which exactly suits the mood and subject matter. I particularly like the phrase, ‘when the fire is burning red’.


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