Friendly Soil

Bring in the rototiller,
The plow and tractor too,
And don’t forget the mower,
Shovel, rake and other tools!

It’s time to plant the garden,
And it’s got to be just right,
Or else the crops and people
Will be in quite a plight!

So stir the soil with gusto,
And compost it real well.
The garden could be heaven,
Or perhaps a living hell.

Now I must tell you something:
We have left the best behind.
How can we tend the garden,
And forget to tend the mind?

Björn asks us to write about soil over at
dVerse Poetics.


Garden Growing

Springing Up

The Trouble with Spring

Welcome, Springtime!

9 thoughts on “Friendly Soil

  1. I love the idea of tending the garden and tending the mind.. they do seem quite similar a task don’t they ❤️ Beautifully penned.


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