Perfect Union

You whisper to me,
and I do not hear.

You blow through my mind
like a gentle breeze,
soft, unruffled
breath of love.

You touch my heart
as the morning sun,
shining me awake
in the dawn of your presence.

You speak to my soul
without words, without sound,
sweet music made
when we dance together.

You whisper to me,
and I do not hear–
perfect union.

The Spirit has whispered many poems this month! Some funny, some serious, some more Metaphysical, some right up front for all to see. I’m grateful for each one, and all the poets who commit to this opening of heart, mind, soul, and time to bring art into a world in need! Thanks also to the readers–without you, our words would fall on dry soil!


Only a Whisper will Do

Wedding Prayer

Soul Reflection


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