To Be Fit

To center myself through the day,
I let all the world fall away…
My whole consciousness
curls into itself,
disarming the furious fray.

Amazing well-being I find,
curls out of the Infinite Mind.
With sweetest success,
abundantly blessed,
from chaos to vision so kind!

stanzas here, this time in response to the first Quadrille of 2017. Bj√∂rn’s prompt is “curl.” Try one of your own, and read responses over at

Fruit Salad

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Happy New Year to each one of you, your friends, family, loved ones, and every person you encounter!

Not all people are easy to get along with, but that’s part of the fruit salad of life! If nothing else, they help us appreciate those fruits–people, events, and situations–we prefer.

I don’t know what this year holds for me, much less for you. One thing I do know, life is a fruitful experience when we give thanks for every aspect, by the Power of the Universe working through us!

Fruit Salad – Lyrics

Interestingly enough, the refrain and each verse is a
creating a song with a light, but important message.

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar
(capo 3)

O life is a salad of fruit
With cherries and lemons to boot.
The sour is sad,
The bitter is bad,
So in every blessing, salute!

1. Mango and pineapple sing.
Oranges and strawberries ring.
The blueberries burst
With flavor at first,
The sweetness a marvelous thing!

2. Lemons and limes are sublime
And better off one at a time.
They burst with a bang
Of terrible tang,
The power to cleanse is divine!

3. Bananas and apples and grapes,
The fruits that most people will take.
But bursting and blessed
Are all of the rest.
So open on up and partake!
Refrain: (Twice)

‘Cause life is a salad of fruit!

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