I am Love

This song is many things and has grown into more since I wrote it in December, 2010. It was part of my Advent celebration that year, based on
The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore.

It’s also a reminder to be mindful of who and what we say we are.

“I am ___”

What we put in that blank is more powerful than we realize, and is a clue to our true self-image. If the words are positive, build them up. However, if “I am” is followed by negativity, we have the opportunity to choose something better and more truthful.

Still repeating a negative pattern? See
I’m so Tired: How to Feel Better Fast.

I added things to this song – compassion, forgiveness, trust, because they are qualities the human spirit needs in order to make a difference in the material world.

In any case, it is not, and wasn’t when I wrote it, an intellectual exercise. Rather, I share this song in a spirit of love, harmony with God-Mind, and blessing to everyone.

I am Love – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

1. I am love.
I am peace.
I am renewal.
I am release.

2. I am strength.
I am power.
I am wisdom.
I am desire.

3. I am hope.
I am faith.
I am joy.
I am thanks.

4. I am thought.
I am will.
I am order.
And I am zeal.

I am compassion,
And trust.
And I am life.

I am love.. (6x total).

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Cookie Cutter

Making cookies all the same,
That’s the cookie cutter game.
All alike and none that shine;
Who can really say, “That’s mine?”

Children grow and go to school,
Learning all the people’s rules:
“Do these things and don’t stand out,
This is how you must turn out.”

Intellect is praised and still,
Deep inside they’re not fulfilled.
Loving hearts and building hands
Are not in cookie cutter plans…

God has more for those who know
There are many ways to go,
Greater things to do and be,
Souls to fill and minds to free!

Cookie cutters make a shape,
But they never deviate.
Other shapes and paths aren’t wrong,
They just sing a different song!

God, the Spirit in us all,
Has a cookie cutter ball,
Rolls it on the earth for play,
For in His image we are made!

Cut your cookies, do it well,
Angels, snowmen, wreaths, stars, bells.
But remember all the while,
You’re no cookie cutter Child!

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