Gay Marriage: What did Jesus Say?

Homosexuality and gay marriage: A hot-button issue in society today. I’ve chosen to be quiet on this one, until now, when I will speak the Truth of Higher Mind, gently, strongly and without apology.

As I’ve said before, New Thought Metaphysics as I live, practice and teach it, is based primarily on Christ’s teachings–those teachings attributed to Jesus, and the Christ or Higher Consciousness he allowed to speak through him. The following insights come from these teachings and personal meditation, reflection and contemplation.

And I don’t care whether you agree with me or not! All I ask of you, is all I ask of myself or anyone else: That you, in your own heart and mind, check your personal identity, ego and opinions at the gate to Higher Consciousness and allow the Truth to come forth for you, through you. Not through me or anyone else–but through You Yourself, an individualized expression of the infinite, eternal God-Mind.

Having said that, I offer these insights on homosexuality and by extension, gay marriage.

Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, nothing! Not a single word is attributed to Jesus Christ on the subject! What does that tell you?

Here’s what it tells me:

* We are all one–and you don’t have to look far for Christ’s teachings on this!

* We have one Father and are all brothers and sisters, right up there with Jesus. (Hold that thought.)

* The Spirit of the Law must be lived, taking the power and emphasis off the letter–details, rituals, observances, etc–and power given back to God’s inner Light of Truth. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,” said Jesus.

* Our “differences” don’t have to be points of contention, discrimination, conflict, or worse. Humankind was made in God’s image, and that means each and every human! Genesis does not say, “Therefore, let us make straight people in our image.”

Let’s cut right to it. While Genesis does describe in some detail the joining of man and woman in what we call marriage, it then leaves the issue. The central point in the creation story is that God created every human and every animal, and pronounced each one Good! Every one, not some chosen few, or only the men who marry women, and women who marry men, or single men or women who give themselves in a sexual sense, to no one–celibates for the Kingdom, if you will.

No, all humankind was created in the very image and likeness of our one Father, God! It’s amazing really, to return to this simple Truth, because it’s been so perverted (the worst perversion of all!) by our interpretations!

Two more things amaze me–two in a figurative sense, as there are many! But these two are so relevant here.

First, error exists. Traditional Christians call it sin, abomination, evil, “homosexuality,” “sexual immorality,” “fornication…” Error does exist. But who says what is error? Who labels it? We do! God does not label! God gave humankind the power to name things, but too often we misuse that power.

We all have an opinion or interpretation of sin, hell and damnation. , That opinion often includes homosexuality as error. But from whose teachings

Metaphysics is not based on Paul’s teachings–where most of the references to homosexuality as sin are found. Nor is it based on the Old Testament. Why?

Because Paul is not the Christ. He never even met Jesus, historically. And some believe his teachings are contrary to the Gospel. We’ll not get into that here, but please, discover your own Truth about that.

Suffice it to say that the Old Testament was the “thou shalt not” phase of the law. When Jesus came, he didn’t come to destroy the law (Matthew 5:17-20), but to clarify and expand it. To bring the law from empty material observances to true spirituality.

So, is homosexuality error? I cannot make that judgement. But my God, our Father, can and does and will! And on His very own no less, without our personal input! How amazing is that? And how wonderful! Because if He judged us as harshly as we judge others, I dare say many more gays than straights would enter the Kingdom of Heaven!

We do not see the whole picture. The mind likes to fixate itself on one thing: Right now that thing is homosexuality. In a year or so, God help us, it will be something else. We are not qualified to make these blanket judgements that apply to all people. The ego does that–the part of our mind that likes to see everything in its place, no questions, I must have this routine, and everyone in his or her little box with label neatly affixed.

We can, and do discern what is right for us! That is a power given to us by God. But it’s an individualized power. You can choose what’s right for your life, and hopefully you choose the Father’s will. But you cannot choose what is right for someone else, ever, no matter how much your ego wants to and thinks you can! Not happening!

And the second thing: God loves us!

So-called Christians love to disregard this reality. And yet it is the cornerstone, the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I’ve often heard, “We love the sinner but hate the sin.” Like heck you do! You do not love the person, truly love them, when all you can point out is what you think of as the “sin!”

Jesus taught patience, tolerance, peace, and LOVE!

* Do gay people love each other?

* Do they have a spiritual connection?

* Do they truly care for one another?

* Is there friendship, caring and companionship between them?

* Is their intimacy sacred to them?

If so, then gay marriage is fine, and I rejoice when I hear of a loving couple who share that commitment.

And again I remind you: We do not make that judgement! Only God and the people involved know whether there is love, caring, companionship, connection, etc. between them! And who are we to say there isn’t?

What we really need to do, is stop looking at other people. Stop looking at the gays and clicking your tongue and tsk-tsk’ing about the hell they’re in for–and the hell you hope they’re in for!

Now, go back to that list of questions, and ask them of yourself, like this:

* Do I/we love each other–that is, all humankind regardless of the way they live?

* Do I have a spiritual connection?

* Do I truly care for one another of my brothers and sisters?

* Is there friendship, caring and companionship between us, or am I still living in the us vs. them mentality?

* Is my intimacy sacred to me?

Jesus taught us to love our neighbor–each and every one!–as ourselves. So, the first thing we must do, is love ourselves. And only by the Power of Christ-Mindedness can we do that!

So, the work is not for the gays to change their wicked ways! The work is for all of us, within ourselves, to find love, peace and harmony, and to look out on the world with softer eyes–eyes that see God in all things, all people. Because we know that there are many levels of consciousness and many souls in different stages of development. So, we know that these correspond to different lifestyles and experiences. And we know, that God is within each one.

Thank You, God, for expressing such diversity through Your creations! May You keep Your hand on each of us and guide us to Your Love, that we may know and experience it for ourselves, and extend it joyously and without boundaries, to others!

And so it is!

Shalom! Baruch Haba!

This is a Hebrew song with 3 vocal parts and keyboard accompaniment. I wrote it during my first college education as I call it, before ministerial school. I’ve always enjoyed languages, whether I understood them or not, and a friend from Israel gave me the opportunity to learn Hebrew. Which I did, enough for conversation and blessings like this one. 🙂

Shalom in this case, means peace.

Baruch haba means welcome.

Keep repeating these 2 phrases and you know the whole song. It sounds more like a lullaby than a welcome song, but I still like it after 9 years, so there must be something to it. 🙂

Instrument: 76-key Casio keyboard (unknown model)

Happy New Month and Welcome to the Season of Thanksgiving!

October is also Minister Appreciation Month in many Christian churches, Thanksgiving in Canada, and my birthday. So forget the hum-drum, embrace the harvest on all levels, and as the saying goes, have your cake and eat it too! 😀


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Welcome to a Season of Thanksgiving!
October is a special month for Purpleraysblog; not only was the blog lunched on WordPress in October, the birthday of the “last hand” behind the blog is also in October! October will therefore, always be a month to count our blessings!

Now to the big picture!
October ushers in a season of celebrations and observances. China, the most populous country in the world is celebrating her National Day today, 1st October; so also is today the Independence Day of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa!
Later in the month, countries like Austria, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and about eight others will celebrate their National, Independence, Republic, Liberation or Unification Days, respectively. Cap this with October as the United Nations Month and you see why almost every nation has a big occasion in month.
The United Nations!…

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