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Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

Some would say it is Impossible!
Others would say it is Difficult!
Many still would dismiss it as sentimental,
An idea only fit for pen and paper!

“Not so” dear ones!
A little word of kindness here,
A little compassionate listening there!
A little hug, a gift, an encouragement!

Little Acts of Love!
Like tiny drops of water,
Running frequently and constantly,
Form a large pool!

It is worth Trying!

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Praise God Within – Metaphysical Talk

Metaphysical talk and meditation on authentic praise.

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I call forth God’s presence, from the center of my mind. I release all negativity from the past week, and open myself to God-thoughts, inspired action, and peace of mind and heart. I allow God to work through me, and flow through me to others. I give thanks that at any time, I can bring my focus back to God’s presence, within me always. As I let it be so, so it is!

Psalm 150 (NKJV)


By the power of God’s presence within me, I have breath. I praise God for the greatness of my life, because it is God’s Life individualized. I use my voice, creativity, and any musical talent I have to praise God and manifest His glory. I give thanks for God’s music, that which I co-create and that which I enjoy from others. And so it is!