Celebrate Light – Winter Festivals Talk

Metaphysical talk on the similarities of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Yule. I shared this at Unity of Reading on December 9, 2012 – the second Sunday of Advent.

Based on the following selection by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore:

The Twelve Powers of Man

by Charles Fillmore
pp. 111-112

All these “woes” are to those who are living in the letter instead of in the spirit of the law. But Jesus did not condemn religion, nor religious organizations. His denunciations were aimed at those who profess to teach and to follow the law but fall short in carrying it out in their lives.

Right here, however, religious teachers should be on their guard in framing tenets for religious organizations. Do not dogmatize in creed, or statement of Being, as a governing rule of thought and action for those who join your organization. These things are limitations, and they often prevent free development because of foolish insistence on consistency. The creed that you write today may not fit the viewpoint of tomorrow; hence the safe and sure religious foundation for all men is that laid down by Jesus, “The Spirit of truth . . . shall guide you into all the truth.” A statement setting forth the teaching of a religious institution is essential, but compelling clauses should be omitted.

Original Affirmation

I know that there is one light. I call this light Christ. As I prepare for the birth of Christ, I recognize that others prepare for their own spiritual birth. I realize that, regardless of our traditions, celebrations, words and songs, we all rejoyce in our growing awareness of light. I give thanks for the Christ light in all its forms. And so it is!

Advent: Purity Consciousness

I was raised in a traditional Christian church, where we sang happy songs on Palm Sunday, had a sadder sermon around Good Friday, and then sang happy songs again on Easter. But there was always an overhanging layer of sadness for me, even in the Spring.

But during Advent, everything felt bright and beautiful. We sang traditional Christmas carols, and when I played music later, I continued that.

Recently I thought about why Christmas always felt so good to me. Why was Christmas Eve my favorite church service all year long? Why did I sing carols just a little louder than I sang anything else? And why could the simplest Christmas story bring tears to my eyes?

Well, as always, the answers came from within me. It’s the pure innocence of Christmas. I mean, let’s face it. The Christmas story is of a tiny baby with the power to save the world. How much more innocent does it get? I’m of the opinion that everybody loves a baby… 🙂 But no matter what you believe about Christmas, let’s think about the power of so many people believing the traditional story.

Here you have a story, like the legend of Santa Claus. But unlike Santa, no one says that baby Jesus has a naughty or nice list. That must be the “glad tidings of great joy” the angels sang about! 😀

Baby Jesus, or Christ consciousness, is there for everyone. Babies in general don’t care what you do or who you think you are. They couldn’t care less about how you identify yourself, your past, what your name is, what you’ve supposedly failed at, or how much money and stuff you have. Babies love, because they come from love and are still connected to that. Babies are not mind and body. They are fully immersed in their experience. And as babies, their experience is still oneness.

This oneness consciousness is always available to us! At Christmas time it becomes a mass consciousness – something more people than usual believe, something that dominates people’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

As you prepare for celebrations of your own, whether Christmas or otherwise, choose to make yours a purity consciousness. Be aware of your oneness with all people and things. Bless others and yourself, no matter what appears in your or others’ experiences. Love unconditionally, as the Christ child does. Because the Christ child was not born over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. Christ’s birth is not a once-and-done thing. Christ consciousness, where love is the source and motivation of everything, can be born within you every moment of every day. And if sometimes Christ seems far away, that’s ok. Just choose, in this moment now, to bring your awareness back to love.

You don’t need to believe the Christmas story to reap its benefits! This message is for anyone and everyone who is willing to hear it, who finds it true, and who decides to live it. Because, what good is your religion or spirituality, if it doesn’t produce a better life for you?

Shine your Light! Holiday Prize #1


Want to know how you can win this doll or other prizes? It’s easy! See the Peaceweaving Holiday Giveaway Guidelines.

Most of the prizes are woven, but I like to throw you for a loop now and then! 😀


This silly, cuddly doll is safe for any age. She is double-knit and was created on a knitting board.

Her body is a soft ribbed texture and partially stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Her head is a zigzag texture and moves so she can nod… or sleep! Her hair was crocheted in loops, using fuzzy, curly yarn. She is free to be hugged, carried around and loved with no bits and pieces to pull off.

She hasn’t been named as yet… So the winner will have the pleasure of getting to know this dolly and discovering her name!