What is God?

This “simple” question has filled volumes and will probably continue to fascinate humankind for our entire existence.

I am not a theologian and don’t intend to be. However, I know universal truth, aligned with the Law of Attraction, Metaphysics, and New Thought. Similar belief systems include Unity and Religious Science. It is this absolute truth I present here as what God is.

God is source.

God is life.

God is lifeforce.

God is energy.

God is everything.

God is Spirit.

God is love.

God is cause.

God is abundance.

God is peace.

God is joy.

God is truth.

God is light.

God is beauty.

God is power.

God is goodness.

God is unity/oneness.

God is flow.

God is consciousness.

God is understanding.

God is awareness.

God is all.

These are not attributes of God. Attributes, or characteristics, are adjectives. They describe what God is like: loving, compassionate, etc. In contrast, these are nouns – concrete things, though abstract to our understanding – that you could substitute for the word God: God is beauty.

It is no less accurate to say God is beautiful. But God is not only beautiful, but is beauty itself. The very idea of beauty is the same as the idea of God.

I’m not going to give definitions of all the things God is, here. Just remember, when you feel peace, you are experiencing God. When you feel aware of something, you’re feeling God.

Also keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list of what God is! If you find a list like that, let me know! 😀 Rather, this is a sampling, and in fact just my own limited human understanding, of what God truly is.

When contemplating this and articulating your own beliefs about God, think on this. If you believe that like attracts like, then you must also believe that whatever you think God is, will attract more of that to you.

For example, “God is love” attracts more love to you. But “God is angry” attracts anger. Many traditional religions believe in an angry, punishing, vengeful God. And they are perfectly welcome to believe that. Just consider the ramifications of your own beliefs about what God is. If you like those ramifications, keep believing what you believe now. If, however, you don’t like them, know that you’re free to change your beliefs at any time and adopt more positive ideas about what God is and about anything else in your life.

Because as you believe it is so, so it is in your life.

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